Why We Do It

Mad Fish believes that PPC campaigns are only as good as the quality of traffic they generate. It is not enough to increase traffic to a site. If potential customers do not complete a transaction – whether it’s buying a product, making a phone call, or becoming a member – then modifications to a campaign need to be made. Whether this is through search ads, display network retargeting or paid social ads we are able to reach qualified leads and move your customers into the sales funnel. By carefully tracking a campaign’s successes and shortcomings, Mad Fish modifies campaigns as needed to improve the quality of visitors to the site, the click-thru-rate, and the transaction success rate.

How We Do It

Our campaign managers track and analyze several factors and data including:

  • Keyword & Search Term Conversion
  • Landing Page Copy and Layout
  • Conversion rates
  • Price per Click
  • User Path Analysis
  • GEO location data

How We Use It

By constantly monitoring these factors and making changes accordingly, our diligent staff optimizes any campaign to its fullest ROI potential. Whether this is through Google AdWords, Bing, or paid social networks we utilize stats and user behavior to improve our ads and campaign structure so you get more for less, and reach qualified leads with precision.

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