Match Types

3 Essential AdWords Optimization Tips

For many businesses, driving online sales is a critical component to getting the best return on their investment. Customers are searching for, researching, and ultimately purchasing high volumes of products and services online versus traveling to a store. For this

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Strategy & Balance

Maintaining Balance: Lessons in Digital Strategy Development

More often than not, businesses reach out to digital marketing companies such as ours for one reason: they want their companies to rank higher in Google search results so they are more easily found by their clients. They are typically

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Mad Fish Digital’s Certified Houzz Marketing Specialists

Mad Fish Digital is pleased to announce that our client managers are Certified Houzz Marketing Specialists. Houzz’s Certification Program was created to recognize marketing agencies and professionals that are not only familiar with the Houzz platform, but knowledgeable about best

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Keyword Research

Rethinking Keyword Rankings: Advice on Best Practices & the Road to Success

At Mad Fish Digital, or any digital agency, you are guaranteed to hear clients asking, “When can I expect to rank on the first page of Google?” To that we say, “Great question!” The answer is not one that is

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Panda 4.2

Google Panda 4.2: Slow but Steady Updates

Each year Google updates its search algorithm many times with minor changes. Occasionally, Google rolls out a major change in their algorithm with updates such as Panda or Penguin that have a significant impact on search results. The last major

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Seeing is Believing: Capture & Engage Your Audience with Visual Content

What comes to mind when you think about content marketing? More often than not, you will visualize a blog post that contains a few complementary images. As the world of content marketing changes, the question becomes whether or not this

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5 Reasons WHY Content is King in SEO

By now we all know that content is king, but why content is king is still a discussion we have frequently with a number of our clients hesitant to invest in content when they don’t see an immediate ROI. Below
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Mad Fish Digital Announces the Acquisition of Digital Aptitude

Portland, OR – April 6, 2015 – Mad Fish Digital, Inc., a leader in online marketing, website analytics, paid search and technical SEO services announced today the acquisition of Digital Aptitude, a Portland-based digital marketing agency. The acquisition is an

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The Reality of Marketing in a Virtual World

I’m scared of Virtual Reality. Not because I fear change, or because I am afraid of heights and the prospect of “virtually” jumping off a building or running with bulls, but because I believe the cost of advertising in such

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Facebook Power Editor

3 Tips for Retargeting Content with Facebook Website Custom Audiences

In November Facebook announced to the world that in 2015, the free ride was over. ‘Overly promoted posts’ would see less organic distribution over time, indicating that paid is the new (and only) way to play. Should this worry you?

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