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Is Your Navigation Scaring Away Customers? (4 Costly Mistakes)

Searching for something on Google is like trying to find a new show to watch on Netflix or HBO. If your first choice stinks, there is no shortage of alternatives that may be more up your alley. First impressions are
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Your 10 Pre-Launch Essentials for Releasing a New Website

The launch of a new website is always exciting; however, it can be a stressful process if the right elements aren’t in place prior to launch.  There are many different components to take into consideration before releasing a site onto
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Fast Doesn't Matter But Slow Can Kill You

Demystifying Website Speed: Load Time Goals, CDN Usage and Other Questions

With all the factors involved in making a website successful as a marketing tool, I’ve been asked recently where page speed falls on the importance spectrum? Is it as big of an issue as it used to be? Can a
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moving day

How To Move a Website without Losing Your Search Rankings

For any number of reasons it can sometimes become necessary to move a website to a new domain. When done correctly, moving to a new domain can be simple and flawless.  Unfortunately, there is only one way to do it
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Do Search Engines Understand Your Site?

Every quality SEO campaign setup should start with a thorough analysis of the website’s code.  The reason for the code analysis is two fold: 1.) make sure a search engine crawler can make it through the page and find the
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The Most Popular Linux Operating Systems

If you own a computer, you’ve heard of Microsoft Windows. After all, Microsoft owns, arguably, between 87% and 92% of the market share for home and office PCs. Apple’s Macs make up another 5% to 10% of the market share
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HP zd8000 Laptop Overheats; Shuts down

Lately I’ve been having a problem with my HP ZD8000 17” laptop overheating. If it was just getting hot, I wouldn’t mind. But when it overheats, it can unexpectedly shut down.
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ProFtpd Error Message: IPv6 getaddrinfo ‘’ error: Name or service not known

If your an avid linux user, then you probably know what Proftp is. Proftp is a service which allows users (including yourself) to ftp into your server.
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Who killed Sharky and Why?

I know it’s a strange title, but follow me just for a minute. The title is a question posed in a class I took about logic and data structures.
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Optimizing C++ Code; PCC

Here’s some cool stuff I learned in school while finishing up my computer science degree. I took a class called CS-201, at Portland Community College.
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