Our Philosophy

At Mad Fish Digital, we believe our values are what differentiate us from the competition. We provide a high-touch digital marketing service that endeavors to exceed expectations and goals. Our dedicated and collaborative team serve as an extension of your brand to support your ever-changing needs. Our marketing strategies deliver on the goals and we’re transparent with the data through custom reporting plans. It’s our dedication to the goals of our clients that make us a valued, trusted partner.

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What to Expect from Working with Mad Fish Digital


We audit your digital presence to get you informed on where you stand and where you can excel. From your website to those Instagram posts, we check to see where the greatest opportunities lie before pitching you a service. This research mindset sets our partnership up for success.


Your dedicated team, including a digital strategist, paid media specialist, content strategist, and designer will help bring the strategy to life, with lots of collaboration along the way to ensure it’s exactly to your specifications. We’ll be a member of your team you don’t have to manage.


We’ll report on wins, and show areas for improvement and growth, as often as you need. We’re always working to improve results and are happy to share details of how your accounts are performing according to your goals and key performance indicators with the help of our data team.


We’re results-oriented. While we’re striving to achieve perfection, we know the best way to improve on a plan is by knowing when and how to pivot, based on our data-driven analyses. We’ll find out what works for your brand and your industry to ensure your results are consistently improving and your KPIs are being met.

Paid Digital Strategy Development

Whether your digital marketing team is one or many, having a clear concise advertising strategy can be the difference between triple digit success, and wasted ad spend. Mad Fish Digital starts every engagement with the development of a customized digital strategy.

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Content Strategy Development

Mad Fish Digital's comprehensive content strategies start with an analysis of your current content marketing efforts including a content audit of your website. We then analyze your target audiences to define personas, and determine which platforms they use, and which content types will make your brand stand out in your industry, so you can reach your target audiences.

Want to see a sample of our work? Click here to download a sample

Brand Guideline Development

From small brands to the Fortune 500, having a set of brand guidelines is table stakes for effective marketing teams. Mad Fish Digital develops brand guidelines to inform all aspects of marketing, and keeps both stakeholders, teams and partners in alignment with the brand throughout creative development and marketing execution.

Want to see a sample of our work? Click here to download a sample

How We'll Help

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Our integrated strategies focus on efforts that align with your goals. We look for the best way to diversify and expand your revenue sources and establish both long-term and short-term strategic gains. Our strategy is customized to the needs of your business. Linking our digital marketing strategies to your tangible business objectives enables us to reach your goals now as well as a year from now.

Content Marketing

Our data-driven content strategies help you reach your target audience with the help of AI, qualitative research, persona development, and channel distribution strategies. This is all done with a personal approach to your brand, voice, and your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

The fundamentals of SEO are essential to growing traffic and expanding your business. Our SEO services ensure your brand becomes more visible in search engines, without using gimmicks.


Over 15 years of experience navigating search engine ebbs and flows means we’re uniquely positioned to provide expert consulting services. We bring our values-based approach and offer companies the direction and analysis they’re looking for while backing it up with the resources and expert teams to make it happen.

Paid Advertising

Our certified advertising team creates, manages, and reports on all aspects of paid media campaigns. Our paid media strategies are built to leverage Google, Amazon, Bing, social advertising, ad placements, programmatic, media buys, and others depending on the needs and goals of your marketing initiatives.

Design Strategy and Services

Strategy-driven design from videos to landing pages and branding are all in our wheelhouse. Our creative engages and delights while driving your audience towards transaction. We do all of this with accessibility and user experience in mind.

Social Media Management

Consumers are reliant on social networks with 74% using it to guide purchase decisions. We help our clients leverage social media channels effectively and prudently.

Measurement and Reporting

We are a data-driven company who only wins if our clients win. We track progress, help create actionable reports, and meet with you regularly to collaborate on our findings.

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