Why We Do It

Content marketing is all about providing your audience with valuable information in a format that suits their habits and needs. In order for your website to be effective, it needs a strong content marketing strategy backing it up.

How We Do It

We start by creating a comprehensive content strategy personalized for your business and goals. We use past data, persona development, competitive research, and testing to ensure our content is both relevant and effective. We break down how each piece of content will be used from expanding existing web pages to promotion on social media. Got questions? We’ll break down the why and where the content will live and succeed.

How We Use It

Once you have a great strategy and have started production, you can expect results like:

  • Increased brand awareness: Good content is informative but it also showcases a brand’s style, flavor and tone.  An interested reader will share it via their social media accounts or comment on it if it is engaging, further spreading your brand.
  • Increase in leads and purchases: Shopping decisions are influenced by the content we research online. One study of consumers has shown that blog content alone influenced 54% of household purchase decisions.
  • Improved SEO: Google has continued to emphasize that the roots of their algorithm remain firmly planted in high-quality content and authoritative citations. A strong content strategy builds both.
  • Improving your position in the industry: Content marketing goes beyond your website; it considers where your audience gets its information, what information they are looking for and answers the questions only you and your company can answer.
  • Long-tail results: As good content is developed, promoted and tracked, it can be expanded upon, refocused and fine-tuned to build momentum. By analyzing how a content strategy is working on an on-going basis, you can get the most out of the work and establish evergreen pieces that will provide value for years.

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