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Content marketing is all about providing your audience with valuable information in a format that suits their habits and needs. In order for your website to be effective, it needs a strong content marketing strategy backing it up.

Good Content Marketing:

  • Creates brand awareness: Good content is informative but it also showcases a brands style, flavor and tone.  An interested reader will share it via their social media accounts or comment on it if it is engaging, spreading your brand further.
  • Drives purchases:  Shopping decisions are influenced by the content we research online. One study of consumers has shown that blog content alone influenced 54% of household purchase decisions.
  • Is vital to strong SEO results: Google has continued to emphasize that the roots of their algorithm remain firmly planted in high-quality content and authoritative citations. A strong content strategy builds both.
  • Adds to the conversation: Content marketing goes beyond your website; it considers where your audience gets its information, what information they are looking for and answers the questions only you and your company can answer.
  • Builds upon itself: As good content is developed, promoted and tracked, it can be expanded upon, refocused and fine-tuned to build momentum. By analyzing how a content strategy is working on an on-going basis, you can get the most out of the work and establish evergreen pieces that will provide value for years.

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