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An award-winning digital marketing agency, Mad Fish Digital specializes in helping urgent care and emergent care providers find their audience online. We understand that when people are searching for urgent care, time is of the essence and the ease of finding the care they need is of the utmost importance. We bring our clients front and center with a focus on local search engine optimization, advanced audience research, persona development, and high-impact content marketing. 

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When potential patients search for urgent care clinics and providers, we recognize the urgency and care that goes into their request. Through in-depth keyword research and content optimization, our clients find themselves at the forefront of search engine results. We take exceptional care in building marketing strategies that resonate with our clients and their patients. 

Trust and credibility are as important to build with prospective patients as it is with search engines. We verify business information across online directories and maps to ensure that there are no inconsistencies that can lead to credibility issues. 

Just as transparency and accountability are major facets of the urgent care industry, Mad Fish Digital provides open data to all of our clients so they can see campaign performance across all channels we manage. This step allows us to make sure we are making the most effective SEO and can plan for future growth.

Mad Fish Digital is a trusted name for SEO in the urgent care industry. Our team’s expertise allows our clients to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Best overall PPC initiative - Enterprise in the 2023 Search Engine Land Awards!

Check out Some of our Client Successes

NW Primary Care: 1,664% increase in web traffic

Hoffman Academy: 811% Return on Ad Spend

Recruitment: Over 100 Non-B Corp Attendees Added to the Event

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Urgent Care ER SEO agency

As an SEO agency, Mad Fish Digital custom-tailors its efforts to deliver the best possible experience for every one of our clients. Through thorough research and urgent care industry-specific knowledge, we are able to understand the specific needs of our clientele and implement strategies to boost search engine rankings. We use our expertise to uplift our client’s online presence which attracts potential patients to their urgent care facilities. 

SEO Strategy Development for Urgent Care ER

Mad Fish Digital has a proven track record of increasing organic search traffic and improving keyword rankings. Our robust search engine optimization strategies drive patient volume and increased online visibility so that potential patients can utilize our clients’ services every time.

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“Mad Fish Digital Rocks! Excellent ROI. Their backend understanding is absolutely essential for a company wanting to scale and grow. Very professional and easy to understand what you are paying for.”

-Jose Barios
CEO, Cleansolution Services

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“The Mad Fish team is honest, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. As a client, they understood our needs and created solutions that worked. Personally, I have worked with Ben, Anne and Erica and I can’t speak highly enough about my interactions with the team. It’s refreshing to work with people that are committed to providing the very best for their clients in such a positive and professional way. Kudos to the Mad Fish team!!”

-Kurt Fuchs
CEO, Gish’s Furniture

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“After seeing the detail and practical recommendations in our site evaluation, I can confidently say that it would be foolish to overlook the value in having the Mad Fish team take a look at your site.”

-Brian Bates
Web Communications Manager, Washington State University

We Help Solve Issues Such As

Lack of Patient Acquisition

Urgent care businesses face a lot of competition and changes in patient behavior that translates into a lack of new patients. We develop and implement practices to attract and retain patients, while constantly evaluating to ensure we stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Low Conversion Rates

Converting website visitors into patients is a challenge for most in the urgent care business. Mad Fish Digital checks for inefficiencies in call-to-action strategies and user experiences and creates plans moving forward on how to capture and retain prospective patients. 

Inefficient Marketing Spend

Urgent Care facilities struggle with optimizing marketing budgets and achieving positive returns on investment without working through an agency. Mad Fish Digital takes care of all the tracking and analysis of performance to ensure efficient spending. 

Digital Marketing Metrics We Manage for Our Urgent Care ER Clients

These are just a few of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we measure and track for in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns:

  • Organic Traffic: The number of visitors coming to the website through search results, as opposed to paid advertising, is referred to as organic traffic. This metric is extremely beneficial to capture and take advantage of, as most urgent care facilities receive the most attention through it.
  • Keyword Rankings: The rankings of relevant keywords can make or break SEO. Optimizing keywords to best suit our clients’ needs and better suit what their patients are searching for to connect the two is one way we maintain relevancy and authority.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The click-through rate is the percentage of users who click on a search result after seeing it. We utilize service-related keywords and other SEO best practices to drive more visitors.
  • Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of prospective patients who take a desired action, such as contacting the urgent care facility or scheduling an appointment. We aim to increase conversion rates for our clients.
  • Local Search Visibility: For urgent care facilities the ability to target local would-be patients is only as effective as their marketing agency. Luckily, Mad Fish Digital excels at boosting our clients’ relevancy and presence in local search results, making them easier to reach and more prominent in the competitive digital landscape.
  • Backlink Quality and Quantity: Backlinks form the basis of authority and trust from a search engine standpoint. Having relevant and trustworthy backlinks puts a website leagues ahead of competitors who don’t optimize for this. Utilizing high-quality backlinks improves rankings and patient trust.
  • Mobile Responsiveness and Page Speed: Every landing page needs to be optimized for mobile users. More and more people are exclusively using their phones and tablets to research things, especially when on the go. Having a user-friendly mobile website is a necessity for all urgent care facilities.

Urgent Care ER Industry Trends

The urgent care market size is growing faster than ever before and is projected to reach $40.7 billion by 2027.


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Bringing Innovative Pieces to the Digital Puzzle

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Ecommerce for SEO

Mad Fish Digital is the premier SEO agency for urgent care clinics for growing the e-commerce side of our client’s websites. Optimizing the website experience for available online bookings is a key to success. We understand the best ways for promoting the e-commerce capabilities of the business so that patients are able to be connected with the care they need, at the moment they need it.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Mad Fish Digital has decades of experience with content marketing. and leveraging it’s benefit for SEO. Leveraging targeted content boosts higher patient acquisition and retention rates by driving patient engagement, connecting patients with much needed online resources and increasing brand awareness. 

keyword research

Keyword Research & Strategy

Having a grasp of urgent care industry-specific keywords is one of our specialties. We conduct in-depth research to identify unique, high-performing keywords along with the most commonly searched terms to make sure that our clients find their websites optimized for search engine results. 

local seo

Local SEO

Mad Fish Digital utilizes local SEO strategies to connect patients with the relevant care that our clients offer. When it comes to urgent care clinics and facilities, finding a place that is nearby is a necessity for patient acquisition. Mad Fish Digital ensures that the target audience is relevant, nearby and aligns with the clinics available service lines.

on-page search engine optimization

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is an important factor in building trust with both search engines and potential patients. When done correctly, on-page SEO strengthens the online presence by utilizing best-of practices to ensure that the landing page is relevant and useful as well as user-friendly. When all those criteria are met, patient acquisition soars. 

off page seo

Off-Page SEO

In order to drive prospective patients to our clients, Mad Fish Digital uses off-page SEO to boost online visibility. We focus on industry-specific keywords, local search optimization, and reputation management to bolster our client’s relevancy in searches.  

technical seo

Technical SEO

Mad Fish Digital boasts a team of experts fluent in status codes, redirects, and crawlability. Being able to optimize site speed and performance, especially for those in the urgent care industry, makes our clients have maximum visibility and visitors. 

analytics and seo monitoring

Analytics & Monitoring

Regular website monitoring and accurate analytics are two key pieces to ensuring success in search engine optimization. Our teams are constantly making tweaks to our client’s SEO to make sure that they stay relevant and up to date in the latest best-of practices. Mad Fish Digital utilizes data-driven decision making to drive better outcomes for urgent care facilities. 

Why Brands Trust Mad Fish Digital as Their Urgent Care ER SEO Partner

Providing innovative Pieces to the Digital Puzzle

Mad Fish Digital is a certified B-Corporation and award-winning agency. This means that we are great to work with, and great to work for! As a b-corp, our commitment to our team, clients, and the community around us has been benched marked and measured as best in class. Our team is dedicated to being transparent, holding ourselves accountable, and delivering the highest standards of performance for each client we work with. Our search engine optimization services are second to none in the urgent care industry and demonstrated by happy employees, happy clients, and exceptional results.

accountable to results

Prioritizing Clients

We prioritize the client experience first and foremost. We understand that in order for us to deliver the best possible experience, we have to ensure a creative work environment where we foster growth. This means both our employees and clients are happy with the partnership and are able to see exceptional results.

driving results

Exceptional Outcomes for Clients

Mad Fish Digital has yet to meet an urgent care clinic we couldn’t help. Our tailored marketing tactics are designed to deliver measurable results when compared to the key performance indicators we base our campaigns on. We guarantee transparency and accountability at every step of the process. 

innovative approach

New and creative method

Innovation and constant evaluation of the strategies we employ allows Mad Fish Digital to constantly deliver maximum effectiveness. Our cutting-edge techniques and urgent care-specific expertise ensure that every aspect of our digital strategy is optimized to make our clients thrive.

Mad Fish Digital 'Research first' approach

Research First Approach

Mad Fish Digital uses in-depth research as a kick-off point for every client. We make sure to understand our client’s needs, who they are as a company, and what the competition looks like. By investing our time into our clients, we are able to tailor strategies that deliver results. 

best agency for the planet

Best Agency for the Planet

Our mission statement is simple: Mad Fish Digital strives to be the best agency for the planet. Our belief that good clients want to work with happy people leads us to strive to create a work environment where our teams and clients thrive. 

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