We strategize, build, and optimize paid media campaigns across the digital landscape. We ensure your ad dollars are being maximized and communicate how they’re contributing to your goals. Whether it’s leads, online sales, or visibility, we’ll get you results.

Lead-Generation & CRO


Brand Awareness

What You’ll Get when Working with Mad Fish

When you work with Mad Fish Digital, you get the Mad Fish Digital experience.  It’s a partnership that connects you with your paid media and digital client strategists to ensure you’re reaching exactly who you want with ads that reinforce your brand and drive actionable results. You’ll receive:

  • An innovative, data-driven paid media strategy
  • Targeted advertising that reaches your audience where they are
  • Innovative data analytics that track your customer’s experience
  • Nimble strategies that can pivot with your goals
  • Experienced, accountable team members ready to help deliver results

Increase conversions, improve brand awareness, and engage your audience. We’ll help you reach the right people where they already are—social media, search, and across the web. Our paid media team are experts in developing and implementing digital advertising plans that convert. We’re accountable to our results and never stop working to improve your results.

Let’s make your paid campaigns work.

Our Paid Media Team Excels in


We help people find you and your products on the web, whether it’s through Google, Amazon, or Bing. Whether it’s branded terms or broader keyword phrases that drive people to you, we’ll build customized campaigns that get you noticed.

Social Advertising

Position yourself on social media with the help of social ads. Whether it’s a Facebook and Instagram campaign, a b2b LinkedIn approach, or reaching users on Pinterest, we’re ready to create completely customized campaigns that take your audience needs and preferences into account. 


Bing Ads help you ensure everyone can find you, no matter the search engine. We’ll strategize paid media plans across platforms and optimize each to deliver the best results for your business goals. 

Display Advertising

Show them why they should care. Our display advertising targets your audience with beautiful and engaging visuals that keep them engaged with your brand.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn isn’t just for finding your next job anymore. It’s also there for finding your next lead. LinkedIn offers a highly targeted audience segmentation based on job title, company, industry, and seniority.

Twitter Advertising

Whether we only have 140 characters or 280, character counts don’t scare us. We’ve worked across industries to help deliver positive results on Twitter.

ABM (Account Based Marketing)

Communicate with your prospects strategically across the web. You know the accounts you want to land. We’ll work together to construct isolated campaigns that target exactly who you’re trying to reach. Then, we’ll use their needs and specific goals to target them with highly relevant content and service

Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are one of the best places to share your brand’s story and generate interest from your targeted audience. Whether it’s Instagram Stories, carousel ads, or videos, we’ll help you reach the people you care about.

Google AdWords

We’ll build campaigns and optimize your bids to get the most bang for your buck. Whether it’s Display Ads, Search Ads, or the Shopping Feed, we’re equipped to get you the results you need. Trust us to get creative in how we reach your audience—we’ve even used temperature to trigger ads for ski resorts.


Amazon is the fastest growing advertising channel in the United States. We’ll help you optimize your marketplace strategy and build customized campaigns to help improve ROI.

Video Advertising

Videos can drive major conversions, whether they’re on a landing page or in your audience’s social feed. We’ll make sure your videos are seen by the right people on the right channel.


Staying top of mind with your clients until they’re ready to make the commitment is crucial to conversion. We’ll make sure your customers don’t forget about you.

Facebook Advertising

Link posts, carousels, and remarketing ads? No problem. We’ll build your audience and help you deliver strong ROI and brand awareness.

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