Tell your story and sell your brand. We don’t just have one design package or solution. Rather, our creative team takes time to listen  to you before building your brand and supporting pieces based on your goals, product, and service areas.

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Data-Driven Design

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Visual Storytelling

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Branded Video Campaigns

What to Expect from Mad Fish 

Working with Mad Fish Digital means you’ll get the Mad Fish experience. It’s a transparent and results-oriented partnership that connects you with your design team and client strategist to craft the perfect solutions for your brand. 

Our design services give you:

  • User experience (UX), user interface (UI), and conversation rate optimized (CRO) design
  • Visual storytelling that reflects your brand identity and follows accessibility best practices
  • Landing pages and integrated campaigns that convert
  • Data analysis and reporting on the impact of your web and ad imagery
  • A collaborative, accountable team

Increase conversions on your digital ads, improve brand awareness, and engage your audience. We’ll help translate complex ideas into clearly understandable content with the right visuals. Our proactive design team creates approachable digital campaigns featuring visual assets, case studies, and videos to tell your story and convert customers.

Customized Brand Guidelines

From small brands to the Fortune 500, having a set of brand guidelines is table stakes for effective marketing teams. Mad Fish Digital develops brand guidelines to inform all aspects of marketing, and keeps both stakeholders, teams and partners in alignment with the brand throughout creative development and marketing execution.

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We Develop Creatives that Convert!

Let’s talk about your design goals.

How We'll help

Visual Storytelling

We’ll tell your story through dynamite visuals and clear copy. Our illustrations, stats, and photography will engage readers and highlight the information that matters. We’ll help you create excitement, educate customers, and get discovered.

Landing Pages

Our design team creates and tests landing pages to maximize your conversions and improve lead quality. Convert your customers with the right information and enticing creative.

Social Advertising

If your content is engaging, social advertising is one of the best ways to connect with your audience where they are. We provide Instagram videos for stories and feeds, carousel ads, Facebook canvas ads.


Logos, brand guidelines, positioning statements, color choices, and typography are powerful tools used to craft a cohesive brand. We’ll work with you to create a brand that evokes emotions and establishes your brand as a trusted resource across all external and internal platforms.

Case Studies

Sometimes the best way to convince someone you’re the right company for the job is by showing them what you’ve done for others. You can see examples of the case studies we’ve created, as well as their results.

Email Marketing

Emails have to look good to deliver results. Whether it’s an engaging newsletter or an ecommerce experience, we’re happy to use our UX knowledge and design chops to help your readers connect with you even more through email marketing.

Display Ads

Get noticed across the web. With beautifully crafted dynamic, static, and HTML5 ads we’ll share your brand’s story with relevant photos and visuals that help reinforce your brand messaging.

Motion and Visuals

We source and create videos and .GIFs that help bring your story to life. Whether it’s a 2-minute educational video or a 2-second animation, we’ll help you tell your story in a way your audience responds to.

Animated Videos

Videos aren’t just flashy, they can improve conversions by anywhere from 64-85%. Video is also crucial for SEO, with it appearing in 70% of the top 100 search results. We’ll help create informational videos, branding videos, and social videos that help reinforce your brand and drive lead generation.

User Audits (UX/UI/CRO)

We’ll audit your website top to bottom to find areas for improvement. We’ll ensure consistency in messaging, storytelling and make sure that your audience knows how to get to the pages that are relevant to them.

Not Ready to Commit?

No pressure. Check out some of our favorite projects to see what we’ve been creating.

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