A solid SEO foundation is the cornerstone of any high-performing digital marketing strategy. We use our technical SEO skills built on over 17 years of industry expertise to deep dive into your website’s search engine performance. From our technical SEO analysis, we are able to identify key areas of your site’s functionality, programming, and content where we can take action to improve your website traffic, site engagement, and conversion rates. That’s how we take the lead on increasing your business’s visibility and drive meaningful and measurable results.

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Keyword Mapping & Optimization

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Technical SEO Audits

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On-Page SEO Optimization

What to Expect from Mad Fish

When you work with Mad Fish Digital, you get SEO expertise with a collaborative, results-oriented partnership. We’ll examine your online presence inside and out to understand any technical SEO or CRO issues that may be holding you back. Then, with our client strategists and technical SEO consultants, we’ll work with your development team to perfect your online presence. We’ll be a member of your team you don’t have to manage.

Our SEO services give you:

  • Technical SEO auditing covering over 85 elements crucial to digital success
  • Actionable on-page and off-page SEO recommendations we can measure
  • Keyword research, SEO optimization, and mapping using the latest tools
  • Content that ranks and engages your audience
  • An accountable, collaborative team

When you’re ready to have an SEO agency help you fix a Google penalty, improve organic search traffic, and drive your audience to your transaction points, we’ll be here. Our SEO experts have been creating long-lasting partnerships for years. We keep your digital presence optimized and engaging for the long run—even as the search engine landscape changes.

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Let’s talk about your SEO goals.

How We'll Help

Keyword Research and Mapping

Your digital presence isn’t just about telling people who you are. It’s about targeting valuable search queries that matter to your audience. We research the keyword searches that will benefit your brand and SEO optimize the pages on your site to target them.

On-Page Content Strategy

Using your target keywords, we will create and execute content plans to optimize your on-page SEO efforts. This will include keyword placement, metadata optimization, content updates, image and video SEO, and internal linking.

Ongoing Site Health

Our regular engagements allow clients to securely make website changes knowing they have a partner with their eyes on the SEO impacts and opportunities. Healthy site maintenance includes regular auditing of content, technical elements, and link opportunities. 

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is an SEO killer. Companies in the ecommerce space often reach out to SEO agencies like us to sort out ranking issues that are the result of duplicate content. When you develop content with Mad Fish Digital, we’ll identify and fix duplicate content issues.

Web Schema Optimization

Optimizing your schema code will help search engines identify the content on your website correctly, and having the right schema markup will improve your search engine visibility. It’s an SEO winning strategy.

SEO Competitor Research

Who are you competing against on search? Why are they ranking higher than you? Targeting position zero? We’ll look into what it’s going to take to compete and develop on and off-page SEO strategies to boost your rankings.

Local SEO Strategy

Nailing local SEO is important for brick-and-mortar businesses. We’ll use our local SEO experience to edit, distribute, and optimize your business information around the web. We’ll optimize all the crucial directories like Google My Business, Bing Local, and Yelp. With ongoing SEO services, we can ensure those listings continue to be useful channels for customer engagement and brand awareness.

Website Migrations

Moving website domains, making CRM shifts, and merging companies can all wreak havoc on a company’s SEO performance. Our SEO team will help guide and structure website migrations to ensure traffic and search results stay intact and even improve.  

XML Sitemap

We’ll ensure your sitemap is up-to-date and has your robots.txt file so the search bots can read and index your site with ease. This technical SEO service is vital to having your website properly found by Google, Bing and the other search platforms out there.

Link Redirects

We’ll identify broken links and redirects and identify how to fix them that improve search rankings for important pages. Lost SEO benefit from broken or incorrectly sunset pages is something our SEO consultants frequently identify and fix as we consult with clients.

For over 17 years, Mad Fish Digital has been a premier Portland SEO company serving the businesses of the Pacific Northwest. That historical know-how and experience now serves nationwide brands and mission-driven companies.

In 2020, 63% of marketers immediately increased their focus on SEO. Since many traditional marketing channels no longer serve the needs of many industries and their customers, online positioning and placement are critical. It’s estimated that over 20 billion searches are happening every day. Right now, people need help. They start with a search. Knowing where you rank, how your customers find you and where you are missing opportunities to connect with them continues to be important for a company’s marketing success.

If you are interested in advanced on-page and technical SEO recommendations click the image to watch our 30-minute webinar and download our quick and easy SEO Checklist.

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