Mad Fish Digital’s search engine optimization marketing services for the hotel industry are designed to increase a hotel property’s online visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately boost bookings and revenue. 

Our SEO strategies focus on…

  • Strategic keyword targeting
  • Content optimization & keyword mapping
  • Local search optimization

Our SEO strategies help clients stand out from competitors and attract more guests through organic search engines. 

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PWC Stat Image 81% of travelers want greater digital customer experience.

At Mad Fish Digital we understand the unique marketing challenges and opportunities faced by brands in the hotel industry. We conduct in-depth keyword research and analysis to identify relevant, high-converting search terms that drive qualified visitors to our client’s site’s and help them to appear in organic searches for the ideal keyword searches.

Our SEO content strategies include…

  • Optimizing content pages, room descriptions and amenities
  • Creating engaging blog posts and travel guides
  • Developing compelling and informative content that resonates with guests

Each of these strategies are tailored to showcase the unique offerings of our client’s hotel property and inspire travelers to choose them for their next stay.

Why Brands Trust Mad Fish Digital as Their SEO Partner

Providing Innovative Pieces to the Digital Puzzle

Mad Fish Digital is a certified B-Corporation and award-winning digital marketing agency. We help clients in the hospitality and hotel industry improve their search engine rankings, and drive more qualified bookings.

SEO Strategy Development for Hotel

Mad Fish Digital offers top-notch search engine optimization strategies tailored for the hotel industry. We leverage organic search traffic and improve keyword research that increases occupancy rates and hotel revenue.

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Hotel SEO agency

When developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for a hotel properties, Mad Fish Digital’s SEO team begins each engagement with a thorough analysis of the website’s current performance and the identifies  key areas for improvement. For each area of improvement that we identify in a website, corresponding actionable recommendations are provided to resolve each issue. Our strategies focus on driving qualified website visitors from search engines that serve to increases guest bookings, marketing ROI and yield higher conversion rates for hotel properties.

We Help Solve Issues Such As:

Challenges with Customer Acquisition

Hotels often struggle with acquiring new customers through performance marketing channels because they are not reaching their target audience. Mad Fish Digital develops Content marketing and SEO strategies that connect the right message, at the right time to the ideal target audience at key steps in their customer journey.

Difficulty in Measuring ROI

Hotels face challenges in accurately measuring the return on investment from their performance marketing efforts, making it difficult to determine the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Mad Fish Digital provides transparent reporting to help analyze results, and provide insights and analysis into which marketing activities to expand upon, and which marketing activities to deprioritize.

Competitive Pressure

Hotels may experience intense competition in the performance marketing space, making it challenging to stand out and capture the attention of potential customers. Mad Fish Digital develops data-driven strategies which analyze each hotel property’s online competitive landscape to inform the ideal tactics.

SEO & Digital Marketing Metrics That We Manage for Our Hotel Clients

  • Organic Traffic: This KPI measures the number of visitors coming to the hotel website from organic search results. For example, a hotel can track the increase in organic traffic from users searching for “luxury hotels in New York City.”
  • Keyword Rankings: This KPI tracks the hotel’s ranking for specific keywords related to its services, such as “beachfront hotel,” or “family-friendly resort.” Monitoring keyword rankings helps assess the hotel’s visibility in search results.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR measures the percentage of users who click on the hotel’s website link after seeing it in search results. For instance, the hotel can analyze the CTR for its promotional offers or room types displayed in search snippets.
  • Conversion Rate: This KPI evaluates the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action, such as booking a room, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting more information. For example, the hotel can track the conversion rate for its “book now” button on the website.
  • Local Search Visibility: Local search visibility assesses the hotel’s presence in local search results, especially for location-specific queries like “hotels near Golden Gate Bridge.” The hotel can monitor its appearance in Google Maps and local pack results.
  • Backlink Quality and Quantity: This KPI measures the number and quality of websites linking back to the hotel’s website. For instance, the hotel can track the acquisition of backlinks from reputable travel blogs, industry directories, or local tourism websites.
  • Mobile Traffic and Engagement: With the increasing use of mobile devices for travel research and bookings, tracking mobile traffic and engagement is crucial. The hotel can analyze the percentage of mobile users, mobile bounce rate, and mobile conversion rate to optimize the mobile user experience.

These KPIs are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of the hotel’s SEO efforts and optimizing its online visibility and performance.

Hotel Industry Trends

The US hotel industry is expected to recover to pre-pandemic levels by 2024, with a revenue per available room (RevPAR) of $86.76.t


The most popular hotel amenities among US travelers in 2022 were free Wi-Fi (89%), free breakfast (84%), and free parking (81%).


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Bringing Innovative Pieces to the Digital Puzzle

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Ecommerce for SEO

Mad Fish Digital is the premier concierge for optimizing your hotel’s online presence, and driving ecommerce sales. We help our hotel clients increase occupancy and drive direct bookings.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential for hotels when attracting guests and driving bookings. By developing content that showcases a property’s unique offerings, local landmarks and more, Mad Fish Digital’s content marketing team aligns multiple digital marketing tactics such as SEO, Paid media, and Social media to increase online visibility and boost online booking rates by leveraging cohesive messaging that aligns with each stage of the marketing funnel. 

keyword research

Keyword Research & Strategy

Mad Fish Digital specializes in Hotel industry-specific SEO keyword research, that focuses on benchmarking  keyword phrases against key performance metrics to help prioritize keyword and content topic opportunities. Once the keyword list is completed, our team identifies on-page keyword content gaps for the hotel property website, and centers a strategy around content topics  that serve to drive qualified website visitors, and increase bookings.

local seo

Local SEO & Google Business Profile Optimization

Hoteliers must prioritize local SEO to attract more guests. Leveraging the Google Business Profiles for Hotels, enhances a hotel property’s visibility in local search results, and serves to drive direct bookings straight from the google search results.

on-page search engine optimization

On-Page SEO

Mad Fish Digital excels in on-page SEO for hotels, driving increased website traffic and direct bookings by addressing search engine crawlability issues, image / video SEO, internal linking, website architecture, website schema, on-page meta data (i.e. title tags, descriptions etc…), and content updates. We use targeted keywords  to drive qualified visitors, and create customized content marketing strategies or each client we work with. 

off page seo

Off-Page SEO

Mad Fish Digital’ SEO team excels in off-page SEO strategies for hotels. Our team analyzes the current SEO landscape for each client, and develops a customized plan for increasing off-page exposure (articles, write-ups, digital press, etc…) that both serve the hotel’s target audience, and also benefit a property’s off-page SEO profile.

technical seo

Technical SEO

Mad Fish Digital has honed its skills in technical SEO for the hotel industry. Our team analyzes server logs, website status codes, redirects, crawlability, and site speed to help properties improve their rankings and increase organic traffic. In addition to SEO, our technical site audits also provide recommendations for a website’s UX/UI to help increase website engagement, increase booking rates, decrease bounce rates and better serve the target audience.

analytics and seo monitoring

Analytics & Monitoring

Accurate analytics and regular website monitoring are essential in the hotel industry for optimizing performance and driving online bookings. Our transparent performance reporting measure the top key performance metrics such as conversion rates, time on page, website sessions, booking rates, and average booking value.

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“The Mad Fish team is honest, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. As a client, they understood our needs and created solutions that worked. Personally, I have worked with Ben, Anne and Erica and I can’t speak highly enough about my interactions with the team. It’s refreshing to work with people that are committed to providing the very best for their clients in such a positive and professional way. Kudos to the Mad Fish team!!”

-Kurt Fuchs
CEO, Gish’s Furniture

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“After seeing the detail and practical recommendations in our site evaluation, I can confidently say that it would be foolish to overlook the value in having the Mad Fish team take a look at your site.”

-Brian Bates
Web Communications Manager, Washington State University

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“Mad Fish Digital Rocks! Excellent ROI. Their backend understanding is absolutely essential for a company wanting to scale and grow. Very professional and easy to understand what you are paying for.”

-Jose Barios
CEO, Cleansolution Services

accountable to results

Prioritizing Clients

At Mad Fish Digital, we prioritize both the employee and client experiences to ensure exceptional results. Our award winning team culture fosters internal creativity, which results in successful partnerships with each client we partner with.

driving results

Achieving Outcomes for Clients

Mad Fish Digital drives results for hotel businesses by using mapped KPIs and measurable outcomes. We deliver impactful results that help hotels thrive and move their business forward.

innovative approach

Innovative & Creative Methods

Our client success is driven by our team's dedication to staying ahead of industry trends. We develop innovative strategies for the hotel industry to help them not just survive but thrive in the digital landscape. Our marketing strategies align marketing efforts for in-house marketing teams, and give hotel properties peace of mind when it comes to digital marketing, so that they can focus on what matters.... serving their customers!

Mad Fish Digital 'Research first' approach

Research First Approach

Mad Fish Digital's research-first approach makes sure that we have a deep understanding of the competitive landscape for a hotel property, before the strategy is put to paper. Our team researches each brand's story, and past marketing efforts to create custom tailored SEO strategies that start with research, and drive bookings.

best agency for the planet

Best Agency for the Planet

Our mission statement is simple, to be the best agency for the planet. We believe that good clients want to work with happy people and work hard to continuously create a work environment for our teams and clients to thrive.

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