Building a Brighter Future With SEO for Home Construction Businesses

Promoting home construction & remodeling businesses online often requires renovating an SEO strategy. We design, build, and execute turnkey digital marketing strategies that include content written with targeted keywords that ensure your business ranks higher in search engine results, leading to increased leads and sales. Contact us today to learn how partnering with the right SEO agency can elevate your digital presence. 

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Remodeling Your Digital Experience With SEO Services Built for Home Construction & Remodeling Companies

Like a showroom, your website (and the customer’s search engine experience) acts as a resource for promoting your firm’s craftsmanship and the overall quality of work your home construction and remodeling firm delivers. Below are a few ways that we have helped our home construction and remodeling partners  elevate their web experience using our SEO services: 

  • Expert Keyword Research: Our SEO team conducts thorough keyword research that identifies the most relevant and high-traffic keywords related to home remodeling and construction. 
  • Technical Web Audits: We evaluate every website we care for thoroughly to ensure it complies with the latest search engine guidelines and provides a seamless user experience from the first click.
  • Elevated Web Optimizations: The foundation of our SEO services relies on strategic link building, content marketing, technical SEO tactics, and various other elements used to attract homeowners searching for your services over Google and beyond while making your website more credible and user-friendly. 
  • Technical SEO Done Right: We look under your website’s crawlspace to determine if we need to optimize your website by making it load faster, ensuring it’s mobile-friendly, fixing broken links, and improving its overall architecture through technical SEO tactics.
  • Raised Lead Generation Strategies: Attract qualified leads and increase your digital presence by offering an elevated cross-channel experience through SEO strategies that connect with new and existing customers and promote your brand on and off the page. 
Best overall PPC initiative - Enterprise in the 2023 Search Engine Land Awards!
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“The Mad Fish team is honest, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. As a client, they understood our needs and created solutions that worked. Personally, I have worked with Ben, Anne and Erica and I can’t speak highly enough about my interactions with the team. It’s refreshing to work with people that are committed to providing the very best for their clients in such a positive and professional way. Kudos to the Mad Fish team!!”

-Kurt Fuchs
CEO, Gish’s Furniture

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“After seeing the detail and practical recommendations in our site evaluation, I can confidently say that it would be foolish to overlook the value in having the Mad Fish team take a look at your site.”

-Brian Bates
Web Communications Manager, Washington State University

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“Mad Fish Digital Rocks! Excellent ROI. Their backend understanding is absolutely essential for a company wanting to scale and grow. Very professional and easy to understand what you are paying for.”

-Jose Barios
CEO, Cleansolution Services

Expert SEO Strategies for Home Construction & Remodeling Companies

Every SEO strategy is like a fresh home design—every digital solution differs from dwelling to dwelling or brand to brand. That's why we pride ourselves on making individualized digital plans that leverage industry-specific keywords, local search optimization, and content marketing to drive organic traffic and increase conversion rates.

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Your Premier Construction & Home Remodeling SEO Agency

Like remodeling a home, optimizing a web experience requires careful planning and consideration. Every SEO strategy we make for our home design and construction partners includes custom solutions tailored to your brand. By collaborating with us, your digital experience will elevate itself to the top of search rankings, enhance the user experience, drive website traffic, increase conversions, and reach greater success online while introducing you to new customers.

We Help Solve Issues Such As:

Lack of Targeted Leads

We understand the challenges of introducing yourself to new sales leads online. Let us find the homeowners you’re looking for by offering SEO services that attract and delight new customers.

Difficulty in Measuring ROI

Leave the headaches of understanding your marketing efforts’ ROI in the past. Let us offer reporting solutions that reduce marketing dollars by finding the best areas to allocate your digital marketing budget to reach more converting customers.

Competitive Market Landscape

We know homeowners have options when considering the home construction & remodeling business they hire. Let us make your brand stand out online by leveraging SEO tactics that increase your domain authority and reach folks searching for your services digitally.

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing Performance Metrics for Home Design & Construction Businesses

We know our work is nailed to the numbers. That’s why every SEO strategy we produce for our home construction & remodeling partners includes one-on-one meetings covering the following metrics: 

  • Organic Traffic: We communicate how organic traffic relates to how searchers reach your website through targeted content on Google, Bing, and beyond. 
  • Keyword Rankings: We discuss how performance relates to the specific home construction and design keywords and monitor traction to ensure our SEO strategies are effective. 
  • Conversion Rate: We’ll let you know how our conversion rate relates to sales and user actions completed on your website. 
  • Local Search Visibility: We monitor how well your brand aligns with local SEO best practices to elevate regional metrics. 
  • Backlink Quality and Quantity: We’ll speak about how the quality and quantity of the backlinks we receive for your home construction business correlate to digital success. 
  • On-Page Engagement Metrics: We’ll report on how users and homeowners engage with our digital marketing assets, including how they interact with target web pages. 
  • Mobile Traffic and Performance: We’ll unearth ways to improve the mobile experience to ensure it aligns with SERPs best practices, usability, and accessibility to confirm you’re delivering the best experience to your audiences. 

Home Construction & Remodeling Industry Trends

The home improvement market in the US is expected to grow by 4.8% annually from 2021 to 2025.t


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Bringing Innovative Pieces to the Digital Puzzle

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Ecommerce for SEO

Our expertise in modernizing our construction and remodeling partners’ digital marketing experiences allows us to promote home remodeling and renovation services to the right audiences. Trust us to construct a plan that allows your digital experience to reach the right homeowners online.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Every home construction & remodeling business needs a robust content marketing strategy that speaks directly to new and existing clients. We approach every partnership by producing a plan that leads to higher conversion rates and improved customer retention, driving business growth to your brand online.

keyword research

Keyword Research & Strategy

We conduct in-depth keyword research designed around your customers’ search habits. As a result, we identify high-performing keywords, optimize web pages with those keywords, drive traffic, and boost brand visibility using the latest SEO tactics.

local seo

Local SEO

The keyword research works in tandem with our local SEO efforts. In turn, those tactics lead to more organic traffic, improving conversion rates, and optimizing your online presence, with regional growth at the forefront of decision making.

on-page search engine optimization

On-Page SEO

As designers, you know the value of elegant design. Our on-page efforts use visual cues and digital strategies to optimize meta tags, existing content, and other elements that attract new customers.

off page seo

Off-Page SEO

Delivering a professional cross-channel experience is vital to the success of any digital marketing strategy. We’re here to boost your online branding through link building, social media management, influencer marketing, and other elevated tactics.

technical seo

Technical SEO

Think of technical SEO as your website’s crawlspace. Under it exists a series of valuable electrical lines, plumbing, and other resources that need to be maintained. Technical SEO works similarly. Let us clear the cobwebs and boost your website’s authority by assessing its code structure, improving crawl ability, increasing site speed, and other digital means.

analytics and seo monitoring

Analytics & Monitoring

Every home construction & remodeling brand deserves accurate analytics and constant website monitoring. We’re here to support you by offering individualized reporting dashboards that communicate where your marketing dollars are spent and where they should be allocated to maximize ROI. That information provides us context around where we can make data-driven decisions to enhance your web presence and potentially reduce budgets.

Why Home Construction & Remodeling Brands Trust Us As Their SEO Agency Partner 

Providing Innovative Pieces to the Digital Puzzle

As a certified B Corporation and award-winning agency, we help our partners in the home construction & remodeling industry succeed digitally in ways that simply work. As a result, our SEO services have helped folks like you boost revenue, scale advertising, and overcome online competition.

accountable to results

Prioritizing Clients

We deliver internal and external satisfaction. This means prioritizing both the client and employee experiences. We believe in dedicating our efforts to creating a positive work environment that fosters creativity so that we can deliver a top-notch service to our clients. This is how we can provide exceptional results time and time again.

driving results

Achieving Outcomes for Clients.

We have been trusted time and time again to drive results for our home design partners. Our metrics are based on growth and effectiveness, which means every effort directly contributes to the success of your business and allows you to watch the growth. Our expertise and dedication provide measurable and impactful results to propel your business forward.

innovative approach

Fresh Methodology

We offer an innovative approach to developing digital strategy for home construction businesses and home design teams. We evaluate our strategy quarterly to ensure effectiveness. Mad Fish Digital’s cutting-edge techniques and industry-specific insights help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Mad Fish Digital 'Research first' approach

Research First Approach

Our research-first approach gives us a deep understanding of your industry. We dedicate our time to learning about your brand and story and assessing competition. This investment sets the stage for effective and tailored strategies to drive your success.

best agency for the planet

Best Agency for the Planet

Our mission statement is simple: Mad Fish Digital strives to be the best agency for the planet. We do this by empowering our employees to learn, grow, and exceed their potential. We pride ourselves on being a certified B Corporation and supporting Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in both our work and our impact on our community. All of that paired with our commitment to our employees’ health and wellbeing makes us a company determined to change the world.

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