The Challenge

Establish Sapho as a global leader in employee experience.

The Problem

Sapho came to Mad Fish Digital to develop their brand awareness and content strategy. The team worked together for three years to develop a cohesive content strategy that connected thought leadership and product briefs to engage new audiences. This involved on-page content, blog content, design assets, and branded content media placements.

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Our Approach

Mad Fish Digital worked in tandem with the Sapho marketing team, specifically their VP of Marketing and content marketing manager to develop a strategy that targeted the audiences they were interested in engaging and converting.

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The Solution

We created monthly deliverables, both written and designed, to help drive home key marketing pillars each month. These pieces each had intended keywords and personas, and used data collected by the Mad Fish Digital and Sapho teams to actionable information.

The Results

Organic traffic and on-site performance improved dramatically with the strategies put in place by the Mad Fish and Sapho teams. We saw exponential growth over the two years we worked together before Sapho was acquired by Citrix.

These percentages represent the increases we saw in Sapho's performance over the course of two years.

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Services Implemented

  • Content Strategy and Services
  • Design Strategy and Services
  • Copywriting

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