Why We Do It

As Google and other search engines continue their evolution for delivering the best results possible, it’s important that both your website and your internet marketing strategy remain relevant. From the tools used for measurement to the techniques used to grow an online presence, it’s imperative that a business not only be prepared to grow and change with the web world but also remain ethical.

Four Fundamental Truths

  • A quality brand has relevant content that grows and evolves with the business.
  • A quality brand gains high-quality citations at a regular frequency.
  • A quality brand has a following on social channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other related social media outlets.
  • A quality brand markets to grow an audience of potential customers.

How we use it

At Mad Fish, we build or identify relevant audiences for our clients. Rather than getting tunnel vision on one or two short-term tactics to increase a website’s search engine rankings, Mad Fish focuses on developing and implementing long-term, holistic, data-driven strategies that grow online audiences for brands.

Ready to see results?

For many businesses, a quality digital marketing strategy that delivers results can be difficult to develop in-house. The Mad Fish team can help your company with development, implementation, measurement, or even full-scale deployment of a relevant digital marketing strategy. From brand affinity and awareness, to the conversion Mad Fish helps move your audience through the funnel and achieve your goals.

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