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Mad Fish Digital is a leading SEO agency for the telehealth and doctor on demand industry, we understand the unique marketing needs virtual care platforms encounter. With nearly two decades of experience helping EdTech companies improve their search visibility and patient acquisition, we’re here to help you connect with more patients online. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how we can elevate your digital care setting with our SEO services.

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SEO Services for Telehealth and Doctors on Demand 

As a leading agency offering specialized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics for on-demand doctors and telehealth providers, we pride ourselves on delivering strategies that produce results. Review the advantages below to learn more about our SEO services and how we make you more visible online: 

  • Proven SEO services focused on driving patient inquiries
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis to develop customized SEO strategies
  • Strategic content creation and optimization to improve search visibility
  • On-page optimization that improves search engine rankings
  • Local SEO tactics to help you stand out in competitive markets
  • Link building from high-authority sites in the telehealth niche
  • Regular reporting on key metrics like organic traffic, rankings, conversion rates
  • Social media marketing that engages with followers and elevates branding 
  • SEO audits to identify areas for improvement and ongoing campaign refinement based on performance data
  • Site speed optimizations that improve the user experience and search rankings
  • Industry expertise in virtual care marketing needs to stay current with search algorithms

Elevated SEO Strategies for Doctors on Demand

We know how patients search for doctors on demand and telehealth services. Our SEO agency helps online healthcare organizations like yours by leveraging industry-specific keywords, optimizing your local search efforts, offering content that drives traffic, and employing other tactics that build patient portfolios and retain existing ones.

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An Established SEO Agency for Doctor on Demand Providers

As an SEO agency focused on the telehealth space, we take the time to understand each client’s unique needs before tailoring a strategy to fit. We start by meeting with your team to understand your needs. We then use that information to craft an SEO strategy that drives real results for virtual care providers—leading to more patient visits, revenue, and increased rankings over Google and Bing.

We Help Solve Issues Such As:

Lack of Patient Acquisition

We understand the difficulties of expanding a patient portfolio online. Our digital strategies target and start genuine conversations that build relationships with the right people by offering them elevated SEO content that encourages visits.

Difficulty in Targeting the Right Audience

We understand the search habits of patients looking for immediate care online. Let us help you build your patient portfolio with SEO services that target and communicate your services in a way that attracts and delights future clients.

Measuring and Optimizing Marketing ROI

Measuring and optimizing your ROI is vital to the success of your marketing campaigns. Partner with an SEO agency specializing in doctor on demand services that improve budgets, offer precise results, and introduce you to new patients.

SEO Metrics We Manage For Our Doctor on Demand Partners

Our doctor on demand and telehealth partners that work with our SEO agency appreciate working with us because we offer transparent reporting that communicates their ROI and the following metrics for success:

  • Organic Traffic: We closely track visits driven by priority keywords like “telemedicine services” or “online doctors appointments.” Increases here indicate the efficacy of our content and SEO work.
  • Keyword Rankings: We’ll discuss how we’re improving rankings for highly-competitive industry terms related to the on-demand healthcare industry.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): We’ll communicate how the rise in clicks relates to the digital marketing work we do for your telehealth organization.
  • Conversion Rate: We’ll quantify the number of prospects completing patient appointment requests, email sign-ups, and other completed goals to explain how we attribute them to our digital marketing work.
  • Backlink Quality and Quantity: We’ll offer a number of backlinks we receive from industry-leading publications covering telemedicine topics and communicate how they improve search rankings and domain authority.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: We’ll measure your website’s performance and user experience on mobile devices and explain how our SEO services relate to improving rankings by offering a mobile first experience.

Doctor on Demand Industry Trends

The global telehealth market is expected to grow over $240 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.4%.t


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