Through use of GEO Fencing technologies in paid advertising campaigns, the Mad Fish Digital team is able to set virtual boundaries around any location on a map, and serve customized messaging to the people who have passed through that boundary.

Showing the right message at the right time in the customer journey requires using advanced toolsets and technologies outside of the standard advertising platforms.  At Mad Fish Digital, we use geo-fencing technologies to identify places where people have visited and convert that data into audiences that can be served messaging.

When zip code and other standard geographic level advertising are just too broad, our team uses a robust set of GEO-Fencing tools to identify key visited locations amongst a set of users. Once identified, those users are added to custom audiences that become configured to receive targeted messaging.

Geo-Fencing at Scale

When it comes to GEO-fencing, Mad Fish Digital has you covered. Whether your goals are for lead generation, foot traffic analysis, or boosting engagement on a 1:1 level, our GEO-Fencing solutions can be customized to align with nearly any goal.

Check out the case study for how we helped Lumen execute a 1:1 digital marketing strategy, in an environment where zip code advertising was too broad.

By Industry

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Media & Tech
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • And more…

By Use Case

  • Audience Curation
  • Competitive & Business Intelligence
  • Customer Insights
  • Market Research
  • Site Selection
  • Trade Area Insights
  • Traveler Insights

By Solution

  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Hyper-Targeted (1:1) Advertising
  • Operational Intelligence

By Role

  • Digital Marketers
  • Sales Directors
  • Data & Operation Leaders

How GEO-Fencing Helps Businesses

Targeted Local Marketing

Geo-fencing allows advertisers and brands to focus advertising efforts on hyper-specific geographical regions, ensuring that ads reach the right audience in the right location, at the ideal stage of the customer journey.

Personalized Promotions

Geo-fencing enables businesses to offer location-specific deals, discounts, and/or promotions, “meeting customers where they are” in their journey and increasing the chances of converting prospective customers/clients into sales.

Event-Based Advertising

Geo-fencing is great for advertising to a targeted audience during in-person events, conferences, or festivals, as brands can reach attendees and visitors within the event’s premises.

Behavioral Targeting

Geo-fencing allows advertisers to understand consumer behavior in specific locations, leading to better-targeted ads based on real-world actions and interests.

Local Awareness & Branding

By focusing on the local community, businesses can enhance their brand awareness and connect with customers on a much more personal level.

Increased Relevance

By targeting users within a specific area, ads are served with more relevance to an audience’s immediate surroundings and interests, thereby increasing the likelihood of brand engagement.

Competitor Targeting

Companies can set up geo-fenced boundaries around competitors’ locations to capture potential customers who are already in the vicinity by showing them targeted messaging. 

Foot Traffic Analysis

By tracking the number of people who enter the geo-fenced area and comparing it to the ad engagement, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Foot traffic analysis is great for identifying and analyzing trends amongst both partners and competitors.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

With geo-fencing, brands can send push notifications or location-based messages, encouraging users to take action, such as visiting a nearby store or attending an event.

Real-Time Marketing

Geo-fencing provides the advantage of real-time communication with customers, making it easier to share time-sensitive offers or promotions.

Working with the Mad Fish Team

Overall, geofencing helps businesses better focus their marketing efforts, engage customers on a more personal level, and make data-driven decisions based on real-world customer centric behavior.

GEO-Fencing can be leveraged to solve a wide range of issues including:

  • Lack of Targeted Advertising?
  • Low Foot Traffic?
  • Limited Customer Engagement?
  • Inefficient Marketing Spend?
  • Difficulty Competing Locally?

Reach out today to talk to an expert and learn how GEO-Fencing technologies can be leveraged to help your team today!

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