In January 2021, the CenturyLink Fiber team engaged Mad Fish Digital for an online advertising campaign focused on the goal of both reaching a wider audience in the Portland market, and increasing sales of Fiber Internet.

The overarching goal was to implement a 1 to 1 targeting digital marketing strategy. By leveraging a sophisticated geo-fencing toolset, careful messaging and split testing of design creatives, the Mad Fish Digital team was able to significantly increase online sales for digital ads, improve conversion rates and decrease the overall cost per acquisition of each order.

The Challenge

Creating a One-to-One Digital Advertising Experience

CenturyLink Fiber’s internet services are available on a household-by-household basis, and the most narrow targeting available from ad platforms only narrows an audience down to a zip code.  Since the Fiber product is not available to all households in a zip code area, but rather neighborhood-specific, advertising based solely on zip codes was problematic. In addition to wasting ad dollars, the zip code advertising was creating a negative user experience every time people received an ad for Fiber service which was not available for their home.

Ads Targeting Zip Codes are Too Broad

Having the Fiber service available in some neighborhoods and not others meant that in order to succeed, a digital partner would need to find a way to segment audiences and develop a targeting solution for a highly specific group of households.


Funnel Development

The first step in developing the paid media strategy began with defining a clearly mapped funnel that was designed to nurture users through each stage of the buying cycle, ultimately leading them to complete their online order. Each stage of the funnel was behavior-focused, which ensured that campaigns only spent ad dollars on qualified users.

GEO-Fencing Technology

The second step was to implement audience segmentation so that the digital ad campaigns consisted only of targeted users who were most likely to have Fiber enabled homes. By working with a trusted GEO-Fencing and Location Intelligence partner, Mad Fish Digital was able to develop a scalable process for developing and segmenting audiences based on Fiber enablement.

Digital Platform Testing

The Mad Fish Digital paid media team developed and implemented campaigns across multiple digital platforms. Over the course of several months, creatives and ad platforms were tested using the targeted audience data. This allowed us to greatly increase the number of overall orders from digital sources, decrease the cost per order, and optimize each campaign’s creative based on audience response.

The Results


Reduction in Cost Per Completed Order

Efficient Ad Spend


Increase in Monthly Orders

Increase in Sales


Creatives tested

A/B Split Testing


Platforms Tested

Digital Channel Discovery

CenturyLink PDX Instagram Story ads mockup up on Iphones.
CenturyLink PDX pinterest ads mocked up on an iMac.

Select Facebook and Instagram Creative

Mom with child doing homework.
Guy sipping on coffee while looking at laptop.
Guy biking in the city.

Services Implemented

  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Geo-Fence Targeting
  • Content Strategy
  • Audience Building
  • Design
  • Custom Analytics Reporting

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