Nothing could reinforce the importance of quality healthcare more than a global pandemic. As people scramble to find the best health and wellness solutions, some brands have stepped up, providing telehealth opportunities, clear and concise resources, and patient-centered care that supports folks through their health journeys. Here are just a few we think are doing an amazing job.


A Portland, Oregon local business, Zoom+Care is a leader in the healthcare industry. Having pioneered lower cost urgent care, as well as specialties and on-demand visits, they’ve combined digital and tech to grow their brand and support their patients. During the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve offered clear communications and shared public health guidelines to support individuals who want to take better care of themselves and their community. Their clear branding and straightforward website helps folks find what they need quickly, while their social and content efforts answer questions we’ve all had… like, is that 3rd La Croix in a row today going to hurt my teeth, and what are the most common symptoms of the coronavirus? We’re impressed with their delivery and digital brand. 

Prism Health

Prism Health wants to support the LGBTQ community in Portland and beyond. While traditional healthcare doesn’t always support the LGBTQ+ community, Prism explicitly advertises to this group. Their way of reaching folks in the community in a compassionate and personalized way impresses us. They weave traditional primary care as well as mental healthcare into their model, better supporting a community that is more likely to suffer from mental health challenges. We also appreciated their inclusive branding, and use of pronouns for providers. Having queer folks visible and on staff means it’s not just for show. Way to go, Prism!

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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s digital presence has grown over the years. Their FAQ posts, social justice themed Instagram, and clear calls to action for their community have resonated with young people across the country. They are also one of the better known healthcare providers in every state, offering services to people who might otherwise feel uncomfortable in traditional hospitals. They also employ tools, like tracking apps or advocacy that helps reach folks who may not be looking for their services right away, but know the brand and mission well.

Oscar Insurance

Oscar Healthcare provides a simpler alternative to traditional health insurance. They do both B2B marketing towards employers, as well as B2C to support individuals seeking private or medicare insurance. Their slick branding and straightforward resources help users understand that health insurance can make their lives easier. They connect back to their product and brand, while providing valuable insights and SEO content. Each piece supports their mission and goals. We also found that their approach to using testimonials to sell their product was clever. This way, they position themselves in the market without having to brag.


Capsule is the pharmacy for our times. When we’re all more pressed for time, getting prescriptions easily is key. Capsule uses their website to attract new customers, and has FAQs on the homepage to avoid losing potential users. They’re careful to give straightforward information about how customers can use the service. They also share differentiators, such as same-day delivery and the fact that they’ll talk to your insurance for you.

What healthcare brands are impressive to you? How have your needs changed since the pandemic? Let us know on social media, or shoot us a note through our contact form. If you’re a healthcare brand looking to grow, get in contact with us. We’d love to help you build your audience and support more patients.