Lift others up sign.Volunteering has a ripple effect that benefits entire communities by fostering a sense of belonging and cooperation. It enhances social networks, builds bridges across diverse groups, and instills a sense of solidarity and trust among citizens. As companies invest in the future, volunteering programs can be powerful ways to make lasting change and solidify a common purpose with your teams. 

At Mad Fish, our team is deeply passionate about education, environmental conservation, and social welfare—areas that, while not directly related to our work as digital marketers, are vital for long-term societal benefit. To support our staff in making a positive difference our employee-led B Corp committee established a corporate volunteer program. By encouraging our team to utilize their company-provided volunteer benefits, we empowered them to become forces for good in their communities.

Corporate volunteering programs are not simply ways for companies to demonstrate social responsibility. A well-structured program serves as a cornerstone for building a more engaged, fulfilled, and cohesive workforce. When it is aligned with business goals, a social impact program centered on volunteering creates an atmosphere where employees feel genuinely connected to the corporate mission and values.

Why B Corps Emphasize Volunteering as a Company Benefit

As a B Corp, we recognize that our impact extends beyond our direct business activities. It includes how our company AND our team members engage with the community. By offering volunteer time off, companies can address issues not directly tied to their work but impact their cities, teams, and communities in real ways. 

Small acts make a big impact sign.The benefits of a robust volunteer program are simple:

  • Companies become a force for good beyond their products and services
  • Companies can create change in social areas that aren’t directly tied to or influenced by day-to-day business
  • Companies can support employees as active citizens in their communities

Our Success Building a Volunteerism Program at Mad Fish 

Mad Fish Digital built our Volunteer Time Off Challenge (VTO) to make a change in the communities around us. Our goals for developing the program were simple:

  • Maximize our company-provided VTO
  • Make an impact on sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Create community-minded employees
  • Have fun while learning

 Our B Team built the program in 2021 and has iterated and scaled it over the past three years with a clear purpose to facilitate the benefits that can come when our employees actively participate in bettering their communities.

Before 2021, our VTO participation rates varied between 5% and 45%. After launching our initial VTO challenge, we saw an increase to 72% in participation. Last year, we achieved our highest participation rate yet, with 81% of our team members volunteering at a wide range of non-profit organizations.

Looking back on 2023, it was a year marked by significant progress both as a team and in our social impact endeavors.

Mad Fish Digital's volunteer time off participation increases year-over-year, from 45% in 2021 to 81% in 2023.

Operating as a fully remote workforce, we have diligently explored innovative ways to maintain connections and provide elevated experiences to both our employees and clients. Flexibility proved to be pivotal as we adapted to operational shifts while remaining steadfast in our company’s ethos.

To see the full extent of our achievements and impact, view our 2023 Social Impact Report.

Mad Fish Digital's social impact contributions, 2022 versus 2023.

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