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Your audience takes in information about your products, services, and offerings in hundreds of different ways. While search engines, social media and paid advertising can be the primary sources of potential clients, they are not the only mediums. A comprehensive and customized digital strategy will not only take into account the sources mentioned above, but also mediums that are tailored specifically to you and your target audience. The implementation of a robust media plan allows for your message to reach across a variety of platforms in a consistent and direct way, in order to brand your business, instill confidence in your audience, and achieve a much better ROI.

Key Benefits to our Paid Media Approach

  • You get a single point of contact for all paid advertising
  • You get a cohesive strategy and execution of all paid programs
  • You get to leverage data from digital success metrics for other media programs
  • You get messaging and offers out through various channels that can be measured and modified

A Mad Fish Digital Media Plan

Mad Fish Digital uses comScore’s Media, Video, and Ad Metrics toolset to provide consumer and competitor research and insights. Mad Fish also utilizes Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and our own Mad Fish Elements data to provide additional and well-rounded insights. This statistical model allows us to present you with a streamlined and accurate method for success, as we are able to make spot-on media placement recommendations. Metrics we use to evaluate media placements include:
  • PPC Metrics: Converting Keywords and Ads
  • Demographics: Age, education level, household income, location
  • Psychographics: Estimated online retail spending, domestic travel trips, home value
  • Cross site placements: Users of this target site also use these sites

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