5 Reasons WHY Content is King in SEO

By now we all know that content is king, but why content is king is still a discussion we have frequently with a number of our clients hesitant to invest in content when they don’t see an immediate ROI. Below
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Mad Fish Digital Announces the Acquisition of Digital Aptitude

Portland, OR – April 6, 2015 – Mad Fish Digital, Inc., a leader in online marketing, website analytics, paid search and technical SEO services announced today the acquisition of Digital Aptitude, a Portland-based digital marketing agency. The acquisition is an

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The Reality of Marketing in a Virtual World

I’m scared of Virtual Reality. Not because I fear change, or because I am afraid of heights and the prospect of “virtually” jumping off a building or running with bulls, but because I believe the cost of advertising in such

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Facebook Power Editor

3 Tips for Retargeting Content with Facebook Website Custom Audiences

In November Facebook announced to the world that in 2015, the free ride was over. ‘Overly promoted posts’ would see less organic distribution over time, indicating that paid is the new (and only) way to play. Should this worry you?

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You-Who? Optimizing YouTube Videos to Avoid Getting Lost in the Shuffle

YouTube is an excellent social media outlet to showcase your business’ video content, however, it’s also an excellent place to see about a 1,000 videos of cats running away from vacuum cleaners. How do you stand out and avoid getting

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End of the Year Roundup: Mad Fish’s Biggest Blogs

Well friends, we have reached the end of 2014. How are you feeling about it? At Mad Fish we all have a feeling of accomplishment. This year was huge for us; between new employee hires, new clients, and our new

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Social Media Image

Feeling Antisocial About Social Media? You’re Not Alone.

You own a business, you’re an expert in your field and your clients and coworkers are telling you to leverage your brand on social media. Maybe you’re already using social media sporadically, but you have a tough time seeing the

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moving day

Mad Fish Moves!

Our company has seen amazing growth over the past year and a half. New employees have joined our team that bring a unique set of skills and creative ideas. Along with our veteran online marketing team, they are shaping the

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Email Drip Campaign

Make Email Drip Campaigns Work For You

We’re back talking email drip campaigns. In our previous article, we went through and gave a basic overview of email drip campaigns- what they are and how to leverage best practices. This week we share more on establishing this marketing

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Email Drip Campaigns

Breaking Down Email Drip Campaigns

You’re looking for effective ways to nurture leads. More than that, you’re looking for innovative ways to optimize your marketing performance. You’ve tried all the ‘silver bullet’ tactics that are touted online and they’re delivering mediocre results at best. Let
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