4.9 billion estimated worldwide ecommerce users by 2025

2020 has catapulted online retail into the future at an accelerated rate. Consumers have learned to be savvy online shoppers who expect an easy purchase experience. 

Ecommerce companies know they must have a multi-channel marketing approach to increase sales from everything from clothing and shoes to furniture and laundry detergent. With an estimated 1.94% of ecommerce website visits converting into a purchase, volume is key and every interaction needs to count. Creating the right marketing strategy for your great products has never been more important.  

Resources For Success

Digital marketing for ecommerce companies requires special attention to audience, product, channels and message. With the right research and thoughtful strategy, return on an ecommerce marketing plan is a breeze.

Ecommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023. - Statista

Achievements in Ecommerce Strategy

Schoolhouse logo on image of styled living room

Schoolhouse Electric: 67% increase in revenue

Solmate logo header

Solmate Socks: 832.95% Return on Ad Spend

Online shopping, social advertising, video ads, and paid search are the backbone of great ecommerce strategies. We love seeing our ecommerce partners grow and expand their online consumer base through our unique advertising tactics.

The latest data shows 81% of consumers do online research before they ever make an online purchase. More and more ecommerce companies are leveraging nuanced content marketing plans that help build customer relationships before and after a purchase is made. Values alignment, sustainability goals and clear product value all play a big role in making ecommerce content work.

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Mad Fish Ecommerce Report
DTC Brand Guide

Disruptive DTC brands like Warby Parker, Away, Casper, Dollar Shave Club, Smile Direct Club, Glossier, and Outdoor Voices have seen massive success. 2020 has put so many DTC companies into the main stream spotlight.

Along with great product offerings, these brands have succeeded by having clear marketing channels and clever branding. Both legacy brands and startups can take a page from the direct-to-consumer book.

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