According to a recent study by Techjury, it takes a mere 10 seconds for someone to form a first impression from a brand logo. To improve market presence and stay relevant, more and more brands are embarking on brand refreshes to reach their target audiences.

It takes just 10 seconds for a customer to form a first impression from a brand logo.At Mad Fish, our design team is always seeking new ways to move our clients’ branding forward. We do this by working with our client to understand what they want to achieve with their refresh, whether it’s reaching a new target audience, updating their image, or aligning with market trends. We then conduct a brand audit to analyze what’s working and what needs improvement as well as research the client’s target audience and competitors. We take a deep dive into the brand’s mission, vision, and values, and then move forward to deliver the best branding for the client and their audience.

That mix of principles has led various companies to entrust us to create everything from new logos and brand guidelines to modernized web experiences and event design collateral. These are just a few projects that have helped our clients increase their engagement with qualified leads. Take a look at our case studies to see more projects.  

What is a Brand Refresh? 

Let’s first distinguish the difference between a brand refresh and a rebrand. For starters, think of a brand refresh as a project that elevates your company identity through more modern design features that update your existing:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Color choices
  • Typography
  • Photography 
  • Positioning statements
  • Cross-channel experiences
  • And other elements such as icons, text treatments, etc. 

In contrast, a rebrand remakes your company identity from scratch. Often a business tasks a design team to move away from what came before, including the logo, website and brand guidelines.

We recommend consulting with an expert digital marketing agency to determine which path is right for your organization.

Why a Refresh is Important

We’ll move into the specific benefits of a digital brand refresh shortly, but it’s worth looking at the numbers to understand why data-driven design leads to boosted sales.

60 percent of buyers will only purchase from a company with appealing logos and design.Branding Statistics & Trends for 2023

  • 55% of brand first impressions are visual.
  • 60% of buyers will only purchase from a company with appealing logos and design. 
  • Customers are 81% more likely to recall a brand’s color than remember its name.
  • A consistent and well-designed cross-channel experience may increase revenue by 23%.

At Mad Fish Digital we’ll work with you to develop a brand refresh that evokes emotions and establishes your brand as a trusted resource across all external and internal platforms. Our services will help your brand stay current and relevant, adapt to audience preferences, differentiate you from competitors, and reposition your company in the market to attract new customers.

Curious if a brand refresh could help your online presence? Connect with us today and talk to an expert.

4 Ways a Brand Refresh Helps Lead Generation 

No matter your company’s size, every refresh has the same goals—to tell your story and sell your brand. Still, attracting new customers is more challenging if you only have a few seconds to make a good impression.  

So, where to start? Focus on the four goals listed below and ensure your brand refresh addresses these KPIs.

1. Builds Trust for Increased Conversions

Did you know 70% of buyers that want a brand to be trustworthy before committing to investing in their products and services? So, how can a brand refresh help build trust? It reflects a commitment to growth and evolution, which shows your brand can change with the times and thus instills confidence. It can also help you align with what your target audience values most.

Building trust is extremely important in the field of healthcare. Our team was honored to work with one of the country’s most forward-thinking and holistic primary care providers to help them better connect with their audience. We established brand guidelines that communicated their values and implemented the refreshed brand across a variety of digital media, including their website, social media, videos, brochures, billboards, and more. 

OnePeak Medical brand color palette.
2. Attracts New Customers 

Brand perception, audience alignment, consistency, distinction, tone of voice, and strong design increase brand awareness. We had the privilege of using our design expertise to refresh the brand identity of a globally recognized award-winning university. 

With a decline in student enrollment across the country, our client was looking to reach a new audience of potential students. Our successful brand refresh resonated and brought in students from a wide variety of backgrounds that had yet to be reached. The refreshed color palette, typography, messaging, and more were applied to a wide variety of assets, including admissions and welcome booklets, letterhead and business cards, and web design.

NewSchool of Architecture & Design magazine.
3. Improves the User Experience (UX)

We can’t over communicate the importance of usability and how it relates to design. For example, we saw an opportunity to create a new layout for one of the most trusted design/build remodelers in the Northwest. That project resulted in almost 20% more engagements via the homepage and 500% more visits to top service pages.

We succeeded by making data-driven decisions that identified specific gaps based on user research, like preference testing, click testing, and more. In turn, we used that information to create a user-friendly home page tailored to their ideal customer journey. 

Neil Kelly's homepage mockup on desktop and mobile.
4. Retains Customers & Clients

Updating your branding is one of the best ways to keep current customers. It also shows loyal buyers your brand is innovative and forward-thinking. 

If your customers aren’t responding to your current digital marketing efforts, it’s time to pivot and appeal to their ever-evolving wants and needs. Generally, this requires an overhaul of your brand guidelines as well as an in-depth look at your audience’s personas and behaviors.

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With a keen eye for design, an audience-focused approach, and a deep understanding of market trends, we always bring a fresh perspective to our brand work. We also rely on research and data (both qualitative and quantitative) to create branding and refreshes that produce results. 

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