Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. is a premier Pacific Northwest financial services company. As the company launched their new Mastercard credit card for people with imperfect credit, they tasked us with developing the brand’s logo and card design. We were excited to create a concept that resonated with their audience and stood out among the competition.

The Results

Destiny credit cards

The Challenge

Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. came to us in need of brand development creation for their new Mastercard credit card, Destiny. The brand needed to represent a future focused, optimistic and dependable credit card among a sea of competitors.

Our Approach

We set out to create a brand that represented the meaning behind the name: Destiny. We sought out a concept that looked to the future, for users wanting to build their credit and improve their financial outlook.

We started with extensive research and discovery, followed by preference testing various concepts with Destiny’s key audiences. We created a logo that was easily recognizable at a small size, a color palette that stands out among the competitors, and a typeface that shows the dependability of a large financial company.

Destiny logo creation process

The Solution

Our design team created a logo incorporating the triangle, representing a strong foundation and by turning it on it’s side reinforced future focused ideas paired with an capitalized typeface. It is stable, professional and optimistic. We incorporated purple to represent wealth, spiritualism and magic, then tying it together with the trustworthy Mastercard orange.

Following the theme of the logo we used patterns of the arrow and mystical textures on the credit card designs. The main credit card design features a celestial-inspired background which aids in the dream of one building their credit.

Destiny Final logo
Destiny brand guidelines

Services Implemented

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Credit Card Design
  • User Testing

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