Our Commitment

At Mad Fish Digital, our mission is to provide our clients with innovative pieces to solve the digital puzzle. In doing so, we strive to also provide a great work culture for our employees so that we can truly make a positive impact on everyone we come in contact with, including our community and the environment. We’re serious about our standards — we even wrote a Code of Ethics to guide us.

That’s why we are a certified B Corporation. Being a B Corp means adhering to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and people over profits. Our certification is a public declaration of the values, ethics and commitments we make as a company to the community and people we come in contact with as an agency. You can read MFD joins the B Corp movement here.  

Being a B Corp allows us to live our mission and values more fully. We are proud to make the internet a better place, create an environment which helps other small businesses grow, and reinvests into the community. Whether it be through our diversity and inclusion initiatives, our volunteer work, or ensuring our agency operates with the greater good in mind, we are committed every day to better our world. 

Our values of innovation, collaboration, and accountability align with the B Corp mission.

We are accountable to our team through internal and external reporting on happiness metrics. We use Office Vibe where we score above 90, and Glassdoor where we currently have all 5-star reviews. 

We are innovative in the ways we get involved with our communities, working with non-profits, pairing organizations, and seeking out vendors that embody our mission. 

We are collaborative with our community, seeking to support the local businesses in our city and help aid those impacted by the gentrification and quickly changing landscape of Portland’s business and social scene. 

How We Give Back

Diversity Reporting

We report on the diversity of our existing company, and publicly state our progress and goals for the future. 

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Charitable Donations

We are a proud Portland company excited to help in the betterment of the city and the communities it serves.

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Supplier Diversity

We look for suppliers, partners and vendors who represent a diverse group of individuals in our community.

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Our Inclusion Statement

As an equity affirming company, Mad Fish Digital searches for, encourages, and engages with individuals and groups that represent diversity in our community. We not only challenge discrimination in regards to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, racial identity, faith identity, age, disability, and social class, we consciously make efforts to reach out and include diversity in employment, vendors, and clients.

Organizations & Non-Profits We Support

Visible pairs agencies with non-profits to increase equitable access to creative work. 

Boxes of Love provides local foster children with a box of comfort items.

New Avenues supports and empowers at-risk youth in Portland.

ELI matches underrepresented students with paid internships at top companies.