Mad Fish Digital is dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive, and genuinely collaborative workplace for our staff, clients and partners. With a leadership team that’s 80% women and a commitment to transparency, we’re serious about changing the way management and business is handled. Our interactions with everyone we work with are built to encourage listening, learning, and action.

We believe local businesses are the foundation of our economy and diverse communities drive us forward. We want to take action to foster great relationships with diverse businesses and individuals in all parts of our business – hiring, clients, suppliers, and partners.  

Mad Fish Digital is continually looking for suppliers, partners, and vendors who mirror our core values – accountable, innovative, genuine, collaborative and fun(ish). We also seek to work with folks representing a variety of cultures and backgrounds including:  

  • Black-owned Business
  • Latinx-owned Business
  • Woman-owned Business
  • LGBTQ-owned Business
  • Disability-owned Business
  • Small Disadvantaged Businesses
  • Veteran-owned Businesses
  • Service-disabled Veteran-owned Businesses

How Mad Fish Digital Puts our Policy to Work

  • Publicly talk about our Supplier Diversity Policy and encourage vendors and freelancers from all backgrounds to reach out to us.
  • Encourage our team members to look for opportunities to include and utilize small, local, and/or BIPOC-owned vendors, freelancers and suppliers whenever possible. 
  • Evaluate our list of suppliers annually and measure against our annual goals for successful representation.
  • Evaluate all new vendors and suppliers against our policy and annual goals to help us expand representation in our supplier pool.
  • Seek out services and products that are well represented by local and diverse businesses when new sourcing is needed

How We Are Doing | 2017 – 2019

Through our initiatives, we have been able to increase the depth of diversity in our vendor list by nearly 10%. We still have work to do but are pleased to see change being created.

More on our Supplier Diversity Work

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We are always looking for vendors that represent a wide range of backgrounds and have a mission-based business philosophy. Furthermore, suppliers that meet robust third-party social and environmental certification criteria are a plus. Examples of these certifications include, but are not limited to, B corp, certified organic, energy star, fair-trade, food alliance, green seal, just business, LEED and non-GMO Project.