With accountability and collaboration as our core values, Mad Fish Digital has begun the process of reporting on the diversity of our candidate and setting goals to work actively to improve these numbers. We’re proud of the initiatives we’ve started, and are enthusiastic about continuing the work in the months and years to come. We’d also like to shout out three companies who heavily helped guide how we reported and shared this information. Firstly, Struck for making it easy for us to understand how to structure this post. Secondly, August, who created an open-ended diversity questionnaire and a ton of amazing resources. Thirdly, Buffer, who shared insight into their hiring process and recruitment that was invaluable. Thanks y’all!

Mad Fish is committed to diversity and inclusion not because it’s a buzzword, but because we know the benefits of having different perspectives. Diverse teams are shown to be more objective, more innovative, and offer more perspective on work. This not only improves our work, but it improves our team at the heart of our business.

What we’ve been doing

As we move towards becoming a B Corp this year, we have formally put in place practices to improve our work in this regard. Here are some tools we’re using, and actions we’ve taken:

  • Using Textio to improve our job descriptions
  • Partnering with ELI to find our interns
  • Partnering with Visible to improve the diversity of our clients and communities served
  • Attended the w(Here) we are conference around diversity during design week
  • Using Office Vibe and Glassdoor to offer both candidates and employees a way of giving and viewing feedback for the company
  • Making public our supplier diversity policy, charitable giving policy, breastfeeding parents policy, and parental leave policy
  • Setting goals for employee volunteer time as well as pro-bono time
  • Offering mentorship to underrepresented groups to assist in job training and preparedness

Our 2018 Goals

Diversity and inclusion are not checkboxes on a to-do list. The work is never done, and we seek to improve every year in each of these areas. Here are some goals we are setting for the next year:

  • Work with at least 2 pro-bono clients that benefit people from underrepresented groups
  • Form relationships with local diversity hiring initiatives to help fill our candidate pool
  • Have an inclusivity conference and training for our internal team
  • Make public our criteria for qualifying and disqualifying clients
  • Legally switch to being a B Corporation
  • Become a certified B Corp through B Lab

Our Numbers


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