Anyone know what cPanel is? cPanel is a hosting platform. Once a domain name points to a server, cPanel is the software that is used to administrate all of the functions used behind the scenes. Everything from managing stats software, to adding email addresses, cPanel can do it all.

One of their major competitors is called Plesk. Plesk is good, but in my opinion cPanel is better. But lately cPanel and their release dates for version 11 have been getting under my skin.

Anyone in the hosting industry has most likely been paying attention to the much anticipated release of cPanel 11. I was able to upgrade one of my servers to the “Edge” version of cPanel 11. Wow! To say the least, it’s hot. It sleek, it’s fast, and has so many improvements I’ll probably never finish reading about them.

Sounds good huh? Now let me explain the downside. The “Edge” version has bugs. Lots of them. Luckily I only installed the new version in a non-production environment, but still, I’m running a piece of software that could spontaneously combust at any moment.

With that said the cPanel site has been saying for months now that it will be released shortly. The first time I checked, the site said it was gonna be released at the end of May. Well I check at the end of May, and then it said June 5th, I checked June 5th, and it said June 12th, needless to say they’re now shooting for a release date on June 26th.

I don’t mean to complain, but c’mon, if you told a client that you’d be finished with their project in a week, and a week rolled around, and you pushed it out another week, and did this five more times, you’d be out of a job. They should just push the date out far enough to give themselves some wiggle room, and let us know if it get’s released early.

I love me my cPanel, but they keep leaving me feeling like a child looking in a mailbox everyday for a much anticipated prize which never arrives.