edible-landscaping-portland-infographic-by-Mad-FishIn the ever-changing world of SEO, the use of infographics has come to be seen as a successful way to provide diverse website content, promote a company brand and get valuable links. In this post we will walk you through some common questions people have about infographics and their important contribution to a fully-developed SEO strategy.

First of all, what are infographics? Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information or data that is intended to present complex information clearly and in a stylized manner. The process of creating infographics can be considered data visualization. Since humans are visual creatures, we appreciate the patterns and trends of well-designed infographics because they turn what could be a 20 page report of analytical data into a compelling visual that is easy to comprehend.

Why do we create infographics for our clients? Again, an infographic turns a complex article or blog post about widgets into an eye-catching and shareable work of art. In turn, this infographic benefits a client’s SEO campaign because the sharing of it builds their link portfolio and drives traffic to their site. Also, images like infographics have SEO value and can most certainly be found in search engines. The ALT tag of the infographic helps to define what the image is about, so the search engine “knows” what the content is (cedar fence vs. crying baby). This is where keyword terms come in to play.


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What makes a good infographic? Though many experts disagree on what makes a good infographic design, most agree that a good infographic communicates data in a clear and precise way so that it becomes understandable to the viewer. Also, one must remember that the data gathered must be accurate, citable, and on topic. There is also more of a push toward messaging, or even story-telling.  It is not enough to present facts and figures in a visually pleasing way and completely leave out a narrative. It is the cohesive union of both narrative and visuals that makes the most impact.

Is an infographic all I need for SEO? Though an infographic is a valuable tool when it comes to SEO, it should be viewed as one element of a more thought-out and strategic SEO plan. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Reputation Management Optimization are just some additional key components of an overall and strategically designed SEO strategy.

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