Whether you run an established hotel franchise, are an airline marketer, own an online travel agency, or are launching a tourism startup, digital marketing is crucial to your current and future success. Not sure where to start? Consider this your guide to hospitality marketing in the internet age.


The right design strategy can spark brand awareness and engagement for a hospitality company. Your website layout, user interface (UI), fonts, color palette, imagery, and video content all help tell a story.

These visual aspects stick in people’s memories and help them identify the best brands in a saturated market. More to the point, imagery is often a motivator for booking travel, as it allows folks to visualize what their experiences will be like.

User Experience

Speaking of experience, an optimized UX (user experience) is also a critical piece of any hospitality marketing plan. From the moment a customer reaches your website to their last interaction with your company on their trip, you want to provide a comfortable, helpful, easy-to-navigate experience. Your UX strategy should prioritize site speed, a mobile-first layout, and a user-friendly booking process with visual cues.

Paid Media

There’s a wide range of ways to use paid media, including PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, targeted display ads, sponsored social media posts, Google AdWords, SEM (search engine marketing), and metasearch. Whether you’re trying to get more people to visit your site, download your app, or make a travel reservation, paid media is comprehensive, measurable, and where to compete. 

Hospitality Guide to Modern Marketing

Learn more about the trends in hospitality marketing and the opportunities in content, social media, and email marketing making a big impact. Access our hospitality guide using the download above. 

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