Is email marketing still important in 2022? While there are more new digital marketing strategies available today, email continues to be a reliable way to reach audiences through all the stages of their customer journey. 

Why Email Marketing is Importantgraphic reading steps to building an email campaign

Emails reach people of all demographics. With more than four billion daily email users worldwide, it’s one of the most prominent ways for brands to interact with consumers. Email ensures you can reach the right people at the right time. Whether folks are in the awareness stage, being nurtured through an email sequence, or interacting with a brand’s newsletter, email can be tailored to exactly where someone is in the funnel with personalized content and automation rules. Email marketing can also be used to achieve a wide range of goals, like website visits, free trial sign ups, product purchases, and more. 

Despite all its advantages, the process of targeting and nurturing an audience through email can be complex. Here’s our approach to email marketing, including email marketing best practices you can start applying to your strategy today.

How to Create an Email Campaign

The first step in creating a successful email marketing campaign is to develop a strong overall strategy. Start with audience and persona research, as well as customer journey mapping, to better understand the characteristics of who will be receiving emails and how they interact with a specific brand. Identify the key goals and metrics by which to measure your campaigns, and then determine how to reach your audience on your automation platform of choice.

Next, use your strategy to determine the sequencing of emails. In a nurture flow, there’s a distinct order and cadence for each email, along with special rules applied as people move through the funnel. Once the sequencing is finalized, the email content, along with any accompanying assets or landing pages, and design are drafted.

Finally, put all of these pieces together in your email platform of choice and apply any automation rules necessary for the email nurture flow or individual emails. After the emails are published, evaluate performance and use reporting tools to understand what improvements need to be made. Are there low open rates? It might be time to test out a different subject line. Is there a high amount of opens but a low amount of clicks? Testing out a different layout with a more prominent call-to-action might help increase clicks. 

Email Marketing Services at a Digital Strategy Agency

Email marketing continues to be a strong digital marketing strategy for many different industries. An effective email strategy is tailored to specific goals and metrics and includes a solid plan to reach audiences where they are. From there, the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our email marketing experts and start utilizing email to its fullest potential.