From social media innovations to machine learning integration, we have covered the digital marketing and SEO landscape’s ins and outs throughout 2017.  The evolving industry (and the uncertain political climate) has influenced how we work and integrate these changes into our personal and professional lives. These have been topics of particular interest to our team. As such we did our best to explore news and ideas that impact a company’s culture and team productivity as well as SEO and content innovations and ideas.

Revisit these 7 most popular 2017 Mad Fish pieces.

7 Tips for Building Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns In 2017

Our first post of the year predicted the strategies and tech developments digital marketing campaigns would be best to use in 2017. Personalization and metrics were definitely at the forefront of every advertiser’s mind. Google proved mobile was their priority, starting the roll out of mobile-first search index this month. Augmented reality continued to expand though it seems advertisers are still trying to decipher its best applications. Did your marketing initiatives use these tips? Read more to see.

This Is Why Your Brand Is So Bad at Storytelling

Our content team provided great advice in our April post on how brands should be thinking about and writing content. Shifting focus from you and your brand to your customers and their needs is the key to a good story and the foundation for an effective content marketing strategy. Re-read this great post before you start to plan your 2018 messaging.

5 Social Media Best Practices Every College Should Be Following

Delivering personalized, genuine content to existing and potential students means universities and colleges must create an authentic and engaging social presence.  Our post from July of this year outlines some of the best practices our strategy and content teams have used to achieve a 1,500 percent year over year increase in engaged users for our higher education clients.  For higher education, the trick is really to think outside the box and outside traditional marketing.  Click the title to read more or download the checklist and take it with you.

How Mad Fish Uses Machine Learning to Fill Gaps With SEO

Comprehensive information is the key to the next phase of digital marketing. The better informed and the more personal the data, the better user experience a company provides and ultimately, the better marketing strategy it delivers. This piece outlines some of the way Mad Fish is currently leveraging IBM Watson for content and social strategy data.

7 Tools I Use To Achieve A Six-Hour Work Day

Take a look at some of the tools our Content Strategist, Giselle Waters, recommends to those of you looking to create a manageable but productive work schedule.  Time-tracking software like Toggl and organization features like Google Keep help keep the Mad Fish team on task and feeling accomplished.  Download the checklist for all of Giselle’s time management tips.

How To Build Teams Without Creating Silos

Want to know a bit more about how the Mad Fish teams work together? Co-owner Ben Herman wrote an informative piece on how Mad Fish has structured its teams and services to create a ‘team of teams’ approach to communication and collaboration.

5 Essential Questions to Ask A Prospective Digital Marketing Agency

Looking for an agency partner? This piece on asking communication and measurement questions early on to ensure that both you and your agency are a good fit is crucial to ensuring a lasting and productive relationship.