With the release of ChatGPT in 2022, every industry was put on notice. The message is loud and clear: artificial intelligence chatbots are here to stay, and aimed at streamlining previously mundane and tedious tasks. 

For some, this kind of change is scary, but in the digital marketing industry, this is what we live for! Artificial intelligence can be a useful tool. Here we share some ways it can be used and where we think it falls short.

Implementing ChatGPT Into Internal Software & Tools

In December 2022, ChatGPT became available to the public. We immediately integrated the AI tool into our internal proprietary software toolset, Mad Fish Elements. “Elements” is ever-evolving to ensure the platform combines cutting-edge tools that seamlessly gather accurate data customized to our clients’ unique needs and KPIs.   

Reimagining Phone Tracking With AI

Amongst the many offerings available via Mad Fish Elements, our phone tracking tool is one of the most popular.

We recognized that there had to be a better way to track and analyze phone calls.

For all of the phone calls processed by Mad Fish Elements, any personally identifiable information is immediately stripped out and removed.  Once you have a clean generic phone call (with no PII), you could easily run that call through ChatGPT to get a summarized version which is easier to understand.

We offer two levels of call tracking: Basic and Enhanced.

Basic Call Tracking

Some of our clients prefer basic call tracking. Here our call tracking streamlines the phone number and campaign setup process, offering a dynamic rewrite script. This tool is available to our clients as a more accessible alternative to some of the more costly call-tracking providers.

Basic call tracking is when a trackable phone number is “found and replaced” in real time on a client’s website using javascript. When this trackable number is called, data is stored on the server, the call is recorded, and the results are tallied and reported on during our monthly meetings with clients.

Enhanced Call Tracking

If your company receives a decent amount of sales calls each day, listening to all incoming calls can be cumbersome and time consuming. In fact, listening to phone calls is often one of the first tasks people neglect when they get busy. 

For our call tracking system, we use IBM Watson to securely analyze each call, and anticipate the type of call (i.e. qualified, closed deal, payment, general inquiry, wrong numbers, etc).  This allows our team to streamline the call listening process, and best attribute the qualified leads and sales, to the proper stage of the marketing funnel.  This enhanced analysis also allows us to mine each call for additional insights to help inform content marketing, paid advertising, and other digital advertising efforts.

Enhanced phone tracking and analysis allow us to mine each call for additional insights, gather information that helps inform content marketing, and collect data to support paid advertising strategies.

How to use ChatGPT to Enhance Your Call Tracking

Before you begin, it’s important to note that anything you provide ChatGPT can become part of the overall public record. ChatGPT gets “smarter” each time new information is provided to it, which means the text, audio, video or image you provide will be saved in its database, and fragments of that data could be used to answer another user’s question.

3 critical steps for enhanced call tracking analysis: 

  1. Parse the call recording into text
  2. Extract any personal identifiable information
  3. Use AI to extract the important contextual information

As mentioned before, our call tracking tool is able to code important information such as sentiment of the caller, likelihood of a sale, lead qualification, and more.

This level of tracking examines every conversation to determine intent, tone, and syntax. This information is compared to predetermined patterns to assign the value of the call.

Phone Calls Lead to Deeper Insights

While our AI analysis is able to understand and assess the value of a call, you could also use ChatGPT to extract fresh, topical, relevant topics for your content team, keyword ideas for search ads, and to explain the phone call in a single sentence. 

This level of analysis by ChatGPT, allows teams the ability to get additional marketing value out of each call, and ignore listening to calls that are not helpful.

Here are three ChatGPT modified commands that could be used for enhanced call analysis:

  1. “Summarize this phone call in 1 sentence”
  2. “Write blog topics that are relevant to this phone conversation”
  3. “Write keyword ideas that should be added to an ads account about this phone conversation”

Without assistance from ChatGPT or streamlined analysis, it could take 60 to 90 days before the information from a sales representative is relayed to a marketing team member. This lag time severely compromises the team’s ability to take advantage of data-driven analysis in a timely manner.

By using ChatGPT with your call tracking software, you can extract important marketing data in near real time such as keywords, topics, and even generate content like well-timed blog articles, white papers, social media content, and more.

ChatGPT: The End or The Beginning for Digital Marketing?

While many marketing departments are scrambling to automate content creation, we suggest that marketers focus on the benefits of ChatGPT for optimizing workflows and supporting advancements in current marketing technologies.

Tools like ChatGPT:

Can be used as a supplemental content creation tool. We don’t recommend depending only on ChatGPT to create content. Google will likely find a way to detect (and penalize) the use of AI.

Can be used to advance marketing technology. As mentioned previously, we use IBM Watson to evolve our call tracking capabilities for Mad Fish Digital clients.

Can create efficiencies in workflows. Emails, blog posts, and landing pages can be quickly drafted and used as jumping off points for copywriters and designers.

However, ChatGPT cannot create truly exceptional and elevated content that provides deep insight into a specific customer or client, provide emotional understanding of unique needs and KPIs, or deliver a personalized voice and tone that perfectly adheres to brand guidelines.

AI language models can generate text, but the platforms are still far from being able to create innovative thought-leadership content that is personalized and resonates on an emotional level.

ChatGPT: Great at generating text, but not so much at understanding emotions.

As a language model, ChatGPT generates text based on the input received. The tool analyzes patterns in the language and predicts what comes next based on content that already exists. This makes the tool useful for generating coherent, grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs, but it’s limited to what’s already available.

AI doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to pick up on the subtle nuances of human interaction. It can’t read body language, tone of voice, or facial expressions, and can’t pick up on the emotions behind the words. This is why relevant content that resonates with audiences requires content specialists and strategists.

ChatGPT: Not the go-to for a thoughtful, personalized, and custom content strategy.

A good content strategy requires a team of writers, marketers, and strategists who work together to develop a cohesive and effective plan.

Strategy involves more than just churning out blog posts or social media posts—it requires a deep understanding of the target audience and their needs and preferences. It involves developing a unique voice and tone that resonates with the audience and creates a strong brand identity.

In conclusion, while AI language models can generate text, the platforms are still far from being able to create truly innovative thought-leadership content that is personalized and resonates on an emotional level. 

So, if you’re looking to create great content that engages and inspires your readers, remember that it takes more than just words on a page—it takes a team.

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Our cutting-edge tools help clients screen large volumes of phone calls, qualify leads, collect data on attitudes, keywords, and more to help support their sales and marketing efforts. 

With Mad Fish Digital, your company will receive an elevated experience so you can grow your business, boost revenue, and retain current clients as well as attract new ones.

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