Did you know there are more than 70 million blogs published per month on WordPress? And that’s not counting the myriad other platforms brands use to tell their stories.

To engage consumers, it’s no longer enough to be online. Enter the rise of data-driven storytelling.

Credible Content Spurs Engagement, Builds Trust & Boosts Brands

These days, in the vast sea of communication platforms, it takes more than just a story for a brand to stand out from its competitors. Why? Because we’re inundated by content.

In fact, according to recent statistics:

Graphic that says, "The average American sees between 4,000 and 7,000 ads per day."

Sound bites, taglines, razzle-dazzle, and cute stories may catch the eye of consumers but may not convert them into clients. Customers still want a story, but they also want to see the data that backs it up. We’re talking about content tailored to them that shows you not only know them, but understand their needs and are committed to fulfilling them.

What do consumers crave from brands? Reliability, authenticity, and innovation. In sum, what difference will your brand make in their lives? How will your brand help them overcome challenges or solve their problems—and how can you prove it?

This is where data-driven storytelling comes in. 

The Science Behind Digital Storytelling

Since marketing began, the goal has always been to understand the customer and fulfill their needs. 

Take the Sears, Roebuck and Company mail-order catalog that made its debut in 1895. Richard Sears knew that small-town America needed easy access to low-cost products that could be delivered to rural areas. The catalog had more than 300 pages and each ad told a story. From ads that sold nerve pills and warned of quack doctors to Craftsman home ads featuring customer testimonials, storytelling has always been the cornerstone of successful marketing.

Today, we have access to data and consumer insights that can both inform our content strategies and better express the benefits of our brands.

What is data-driven storytelling?

It’s not just numbers—it’s how you read the data, translate the findings, and share your brand’s benefits in a way that cuts through the noise. The successful utilization of data allows companies to share meaningful stories that resonate with both current and potential customers.

Why is it effective?

When it comes to making purchases, emotion often drives choices and consumers want a personalized experience. By taking a deep dive into their behaviors, wants, and needs, brands can build an emotional connection. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about paying lip service to customer needs. We’re talking about creating content that is authentic, sincere, and meaningful.

Where does the data come from?Graphic that says, "GWI is a consumer data resource that allows us to gain deep insights into your customers and potential customers."

Qualitative and quantitative data can be gathered from a variety of sources. From web analytics and transactional data to surveys and social media, all can provide great insights into your audience.

At Mad Fish Digital, we utilize these relevant platforms as well as partner with GWI (Global Web Index). GWI is a consumer data resource that allows us to gain deep insights into your customers and potential customers. Our content strategy team is able to research the lifestyles, mindsets, and habits of your customers and translate it into content that resonates and meets them where they live online. 

Learn more about how we use data to boost brands.

Strengthen Your Content Strategies with a Content Marketing Agency 

At Mad Fish Digital, we specialize in developing and executing custom content marketing strategies that connect with audiences. 

Your content strategy serves as the go-to resource for the planning and execution of your content. It answers the key questions you have about your industry, competitors, and audience. We identify areas of opportunity, build detailed personas, and create a cohesive content plan that exceeds your KPIs. Our solutions-oriented approach is data-driven and performance is expertly measured and reported.

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