Marketing hospitality brands is one of our favorite things as digital marketers. They inspire us to create meaningful digital strategies spanning paid media, social media, design, email, and content strategy. Moreover, connecting communities to the places and spaces they love most is crucial right now. We’re highlighting companies that impressed us with these  effective strategies. From thoughtful messaging to bold designs, these digital marketers are leading the charge. 

1. Airbnb

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia didn’t set out to build one of the largest hospitality companies in the world. As broke roommates in San Francisco in 2007, they realized the potential of renting out some space in their apartment. However, what started as a way to make rent has turned into a billion dollar travel experience company. They are redefining the market and inspiring millions of people to travel and experience hospitality in a new way. 

They’ve harnessed digital marketing to fuel that rise. From their intensely curated Instagram to earned media most can only dream about. How many articles about “The Dreamiest Airbnb’s in….” have been published? Secondly, they’ve expanded their digital presence and product to encompass more elements of travel. From Airbnb Magazine, a content marketing achievement, to their experiences that help provide hospitality services for those who need to stay closer to home. Regardless of the product or service their clear understanding of digital brand identity shines through.

2. Getaway

Getaway has the kind of idyllic start-up story made for the movies. Two Harvard students accustomed to access to nature meet the city, and start thinking about what the community needs. Founded by Pete Davis and Jon Staff, the company seeks to provide an opportunity for folks to disconnect from technology. Instead of Wi-Fi and cell service, they focus on providing a respite for folks looking for a space to recharge. 

However, Getaway isn’t just a cute tiny house rental. It’s a curated, boutique hotel experience without the hustle and bustle. Getaway houses are strategically placed around metro areas where nature is harder to access. As a former NYC resident myself, I appreciate the brilliance of an easy to access escape from the city… whichever city you live in. 

Getaway is also perfect for the current moment. With a pandemic sweeping the nation, a private place to recharge away from technology has never sounded better. Their social profiles and digital presence are helping to position them as the go-to travel destination. Above all, they’re innovating. Their thoughtful 100 Days of Rest initiative with Rachel Cargle supports activists participating in the social justice movement. Finally, we’re impressed by their use of digital strategies to grow their community in the hospitality industry during this unprecedented moment. 

3. Autocamp 

Glamping never looked better. The folks at AutoCamp are building a new way to visit popular nature areas. Their mission? To inspire a deeper connection to nature and communities through exceptional outdoor experiences. The brand has harnessed social media and content marketing to inspire folks to get out to new places in style. AutoCamp’s vintage Airstream trailers, outfitted with premium furnishings and amenities, are perfect for the modern glamper. 

Image of an airstream with a quote about Autocamp

Their campaigns, from influencers and photographers to YouTube video tours, help guests imagine their stay. They’ve strategically picked destinations that people want to visit, with supremely Instagrammable interiors. In addition, their PR and media pickups feel authentic and speak to their values. The brand clearly understands their audience. From their color palette in Instagram highlights, to the specificity of mid century design and premier destinations. They connect their visitors with the natural areas around them, in a low-impact and eco-friendly way.

4. Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in Portland is a landmark. It’s a spot tourists frequent whether they’re staying there or not. For a coffee, a photo strip, or just the atmosphere. This is true of most Ace Hotels, from New York to Palm Springs to Kyoto. In addition, the Ace Hotel group is expanding, and with each location their precision with marketing is exemplified.  They harness the power of earned media and digital marketing to inspire travel.

Their curated spaces and hipster look are just one element of how they’ve grown their brand. After all, they’ve gone from boutique hotels to social media sensation. Their brand seeks to draw from each individual location and create curated experiences that embody the location. They host events, whether it be concerts or brand kickoffs, and are frequently available for pop ups and photoshoots. Finally, through their exceptional service and amenities, their digital presence blossoms in each city. Plus, it spreads through the social internet like wildfire.

5. Ennismore

When The Hoxton came to Portland, Oregon we were thrilled. This global brand has built a cult-like following for luxury travelers who want a unique experience while staying in style. Ennismore operates multiple hospitality brands that have locations across the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. They have found the perfect mix of luxury and personalization to make the brand shine. In addition, they’re establishing subsidiaries to fit every budget and persona.

If you’re looking for an adventure in a new city, or a way to rediscover a familiar one, their hotels and restaurants are there to provide you with a premier hospitality experience. Their individualized strategies create specificity in their marketing strategies to serve the audience. Finally, it’s the simple brilliance of highlighting their pet-friendly nature with an Instagram highlight devoted to the Hox Hounds. Similarly, the visual storytelling on the website connects their vision with each location from restaurant to accommodations. They clearly know how to inspire adventure.

Hospitality Digital Marketing Done Right 

We love seeing hospitality brands innovating in the industry while living up to their values. Are you looking to grow your hospitality brand online? Get in touch with us through our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.