Where are you located and what is your favorite thing about it? 

I am in Olathe, KS — it is a suburb of Kansas City. My favorite thing is how friendly people are here and how family friendly it is. So many things for families to do here which helps make weekends and holidays more fun with little kiddos. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Spare time? What’s that? LOL. With little kiddos there isn’t much time for that, but when I do get a little time which is rare… I like to play golf. Haven’t done that in such a long time but it is a goal of mine to get back to it this year for sure. 

Have any Bucket list item(s)?

I would love to do The Notebook road trip on the east coast. Some other bucket list places include: Italy, Paris, Spain, Greece, and Botswana. 

What’s your passion project?

My passion project has always been kids. I love working with kids and am wanting to get back to working with kids more as my kiddos get older. I worked with AIDs orphans in Africa and orphans and foster kids have a big place in my heart. I would love to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters here in the KC area, but want our kiddos to be a little older for that. 

Why did you pick Mad Fish? 

I picked Mad Fish because I could see you are a values-first company and that stood out to me. You seemed to really value the people who work for you and I loved that! 

Can you share a favorite marketing resource (blog/podcast/website/tool) and why?

I follow different groups on LinkedIn — I don’t have a favorite.

What is your favorite genre of music to work to? (Link to your favorite Spotify playlist to listen to at work if you have one)

I really like country music and Christian Pop music.

Fun fact about yourself.  

I was locked in an airplane bathroom on a flight to Amsterdam with a scorpion….

If you have a pet, tell us about it. 

A cockapoo named Ollie – he was our COVID baby. He is 2 ½ years old now and still very much in the puppy phase.

What do you add to the team outside of work? 

A friend for those who need one, lots of amazing recipes for anyone looking for a new recipe…