When developing digital marketing strategies, each client may need a different set of research tools. For the Mad Fish Digital team, we start with research. This ensures we have a clear understanding of goals and key performance indicators. Whether we’re launching a content, social, paid media, or SEO focused strategy, we need to understand objectives and audience needs.

As we move forward in laying out effective strategies, these tools help us ensure success. Learn more about how we employ them to achieve results below.


GWI, or Global Web Index is a leading market research tool. When we’re getting to know a new partner’s audience, we build custom audiences and review dashboards and queries. We’re able to see which platforms they’re using regularly, sentiments, and customer needs. Plus, we can cross-reference them with the existing audiences on different platforms and even the partner’s CRM. Over time, we’re able to see how sentiments and habits change. For instance, we’ve been able to spot when an audience started pivoting their attention to a different platform. Another example? We saw when folks began putting off purchases in a client’s sector due to the pandemic. We incorporate the research into content and social strategies, as well as to support paid strategies. 


With our roots in SEO, we know how important understanding our keywords and competitors is. When we create our keyword focuses, quarterly priorities, longtail targets and competitive research, Ahrefs helps us prioritize. Plus, we’re able to track the competition’s performance on various keywords. Using this information, we can focus on the terms that make the biggest impact while keeping clients competitive.

HG Insights

HG Insights is a technographic audience builder. Not sure what that means? No worries: basically, it means we can develop custom audiences for our campaigns based on the software a company or individual is using. For instance, if you want to target folks using Shopify for your ecommerce solution or are specifically looking for folks using an enterprise CRM platform, HGInsights will help you build those audiences. We take that data and build customized campaigns, as well as iterating from the tool to drive results.


LiveRamp helps us centralize our data sets. We employ the tool for our enterprise clients to merge and measure customer data that helps us develop targeted campaigns and deliver results above and beyond what’s available in Google Ads or social media ad platforms. By opening up targeting options far beyond what are available in ad platforms, we can deliver superior results while improving targeting and conversion rates. As LiveRamp is a central hub, you can push these customer data sets out to any ad platform, all while staying CCPA compliant.


Ever been curious about what users are doing on your website? Us too. Our design team uses HotJar to heatmap user performance and glean insights around tweaks we can make to improve UX/UI and conversions. Using a combination of heatmaps and live recordings, we provide actionable recommendations and support our partners in implementing solutions to drive results. This tool is used both in initial audits around website performance as well as assistance in landing page insights and overall web content performance.


As data driven marketers, we want to ensure we’re looking at how all the data comes together. Our data and reporting team connects back web insights, paid campaigns, and social engagement into one comprehensive dashboard using Supermetrics tools. These customized reports and integrations are superior to out of the box reporting and help us create a unified reporting experience that saves time and gives our partners a 360 degree view of how their campaigns and company is doing. 

What are your go-to digital marketing tools? How have you employed them to drive results for your business? Let us know on social media or reach out via our contact form.