Strategy #1: Start Using Posterous
Posterous is one of the coolest and most underutilized social media services. With Posterous you can send text, photos, videos and audio files to an email address they give you and all that content gets posted to your account. There’s no easier way to post content.

Strategy #2: Publish a Book
If you want to be the go-to expert in your industry, there’s no easier way to achieve that goal than by writing a book. When you’re “John Doe, the author of…” a lot of doors open for you. The problem is that people think getting published is a lot harder than it really is. There’s a great alternative to traditional publishing: self-publishing. CreateSpace is a company owned by Amazon that will make everything very easy for you.

Strategy #3: Get LinkedIn Enforsements
One of the coolest features of LinkedIn is their endorsements. People can endorse you if they think you do a good job. You can get your clients, old clients, co-workers and bosses to endorse you.
Go to Profile > Recommended > Get Recommended.
When a lot of people recommend you, LinkedIn suggests your company to other people that might be looking for your services. This takes 5 minutes and can get you a lot of new business.