Mad Fish Digital is pleased to announce that our client managers are Certified Houzz Marketing Specialists. Houzz’s Certification Program was created to recognize marketing agencies and professionals that are not only familiar with the Houzz platform, but knowledgeable about best practices, are on top of the latest Houzz updates, and can best assist clients looking to grow their presence via the Houzz platform.

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Did you know that over 35 million homeowners use Houzz? Using the platform is a fantastic way to reach new clients by showcasing your business photos, services, knowledge and more.

We recommend Houzz to landscaping and design companies, interior designers, builders and architects, and other homeowner-oriented service professionals. It can be an important piece of a comprehensive content marketing strategy as Houzz is increasingly dominating search results for the services homeowners are interested in.

For example, when I search “new bedroom design,” Houzz is in the fourth position on the first page of my Google search results:


When I search for “new bedroom design Portland,” Houzz shows up in the third, fourth, and fifth positions on the first page of Google:


We invite you to learn more about the importance of Houzz for business. Allow our team to help you create your professional online platform and showcase your products and services in the most effective ways.