A clinic specializing in scoliosis treatment came to Mad Fish Digital seeking improvements to their organic traffic. Since establishing an online presence in 2009, the client had worked with agencies prior to Mad Fish Digital. During that time, backlinks had been acquired from a massive number of directories and questionable websites, resulting in a noticeable decline in organic traffic starting from Google’s Penguin update in April 2012. Furthermore, the website was filled with both thin and duplicate content.


Mad Fish Digital explained the process of link removal, content consolidation, redirects, and the creation of new content at the start of the engagement. Specific goals were then established.

  • Remove the penalty from the website by addressing the low-quality backlinks
  • Increase organic traffic from high-priority keywords by addressing thin content and gaps in topic coverage
  • Increase the number of leads generated from organic traffic


Mad Fish Digital began by performing a full backlink analysis to identify each low-quality and questionable link within the client’s backlink profile. Once identified, each website was manually contacted to try and get said links removed. Following this, a disavow file was created and submitted. For the website, Mad Fish Digital conducted an in-depth audit of every piece of content. Each piece was carefully evaluated for relevancy and performance, then bucketed into one of several buckets: remove, consolidate, or rewrite. Mad Fish Digital worked with the client to remove and redirect thin and duplicate pages, as well as consolidate pages covering the same topic. Long-form content was also written to better target high-priority keywords/topics.


Organic Traffic Increased by 91% YoY Recovery took time, but the client’s website has now fully recovered and continues to increase its organic traffic month after month. In the past three months, organic traffic has increased by 71% YoY. In August 2016, organic traffic outperformed August 2015 by 91%, and these figures are continuing to improve.