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Data-Driven SEO and SEM Strategies

We take great care to develop custom strategies tailored to your specific revenue needs, growth areas and pain points. No campaign is developed without clear metrics and goals. Using various tools at our disposal, we are able to track progress at all levels of the campaign and report that information to you on a weekly and monthly basis.  With this level of communication coupled with our commitment to being your only online partner, we are able to ensure successful campaigns based on equally successful relationships.

Our client list is diverse. Online retailers and local area service providers.  Construction companies and ski resorts. All receive a personalized strategy based on their needs, the competition, their audience and budget. We use the latest online marketing techniques to increase our clients’ targeted traffic and ultimately maximizing their web site’s ROI.

A Few of Our Clients

Your Online Marketing Partner

Companies can no longer expect to throw a web site out into the virtual world and get immediate sales and profits. The online market has swelled into a sea of quality sites and useless noise all seeking user attention. Attracting quality visitors to a well-built website takes strategic marketing and search engine know-how by a team of individuals who know the constantly changing world of the internet.

Mad Fish Digital is Oregon’s premier digital web agency, specializing in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. With Mad Fish, companies with a desire to grow their online presence can expect a campaign based on technical analysis and SEO best practices, with a specific eye for growing your brand’s audience through all potential channels available online.

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, OR; Mad Fish Digital has become a leading internet marketing provider through advanced custom technology and unique, customized strategies that get results.