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This State of the Sea is created to regularly share with you exciting new solutions we have rolled out for our clients to drive leads and expand brand awareness. Consider this your exclusive sneak peek into what’s happening in the world of Mad Fish, digital marketing, and the advertising landscape. 


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Programmatic Advertising

We are happy to now offer programmatic advertising as a service at Mad Fish. This service adds more opportunities for us to drive new customers to you in a targeted and measurable way. If you have hyper-specific audience targets and want to use multiple avenues to reach them (think display ads, video, audio, connected TV, mobile app), programmatic could be the option for you.

Who would benefit

  • Any company looking to expand their advertising reach to other platforms, web properties or audiences.
  • Any company looking for more advertising targeting capabilities and results
  • Any company looking for new ways to increase conversions
  • Any company seeking greater ad transparency.

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Competitor Teardown

Our content experts and SEO specialist have developed this new comprehensive competitor analysis. We wanted to be able to go a level deeper into our competitor research to understand how keywords and content are being used by our clients’ competitors. With this report, we are able to get to the heart of how best to outrank and outperform in a client’s industry. 

Who would benefit

  • Any company looking to better understand their competition and how to get an edge.
  • Any company looking for better ways to grow their organic reach.

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Content Playbook

Content continues to be the SEO star. We are developing more and more content playbooks for our clients who want to optimize their existing content and messaging. With our playbook, we help you build a cohesive, unified brand message that can ripple through all your content strategy efforts. This is a powerful tool for your internal teams who work on different parts of your marketing efforts.

Who would benefit

  • Any company with years of content or a lot of changing content over time.
  • Any company looking to ensure a unified content strategy across locations, departments, or products.

Your Team Is Here to Talk

Reach out to your strategy team to learn more or email us at and we will get in touch. 


Google I/O 2021

Our team attended this premier Google event and brought back some great information we are incorporating into our SEO and content recommendations. A few key things we are thinking on:

  • Core Web Vitals: Site speed continues to be key. Our SEO team members review CWV scores and will be sharing opportunities to improve your score and boost rankings overall. 
  • Video Search: For our video content clients we will be bringing search optimization. For those not yet leveraging our video services, we may be suggesting leveraging video to expand your search traffic.
  • Cognitive Accessibility: A mix of content formats creates a better overall experience for all users. We will be looking at ways to tell your brand story through words, pictures and graphs to help all potential customers engage on a page. 
  • Google Shopping: Shopping Graph will be rolling out and grabbing information from your site to populate prices, reviews, videos, inventory, etc. This will change the user experience – they will be able to buy from Google images and YouTube even easier. We will be looking at the opportunities here and also how this may change reporting.

Core web vitals graph showing page experience metrics


  • iOS14 has rolled out and is in full swing (have you seen the ads? )The MFD paid media team has been actively making changes and adjusting reporting to accommodate for the major swing in reporting capabilities on Facebook primarily as well as Google. If you are curious to know more about what your team is doing, check out our iOS14 page here

The GWI Zeitgeist Report

  • The latest GWI Zeitgeist Report came out recently. We reviewed some interesting data collected on GSR / food ordering habits; comfort levels for shopping and the new in-store shopping experience; sentiments toward anti-racism movements one year later, and TV streaming services. We are using these insights in our audience research, competitor teardown and other recommendations but feel free to ask your strategist to pull real-world data around any industry trends you may have an interest in as we plan marketing strategies into the fall.

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Comprehensive strategy development and brand amplification for a sustainability brand – sign us up! Through deep competitor analysis, UX/UI audits and social listening strategies we increased social engagement by 80.4% and overall social sessions by 173.53%. And we are just getting started.

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How do you drive new memberships and increase your subscription revenue post-holidays? With a creative email plan, a well structured paid social campaign and a brand that offers an amazing music education program. The results: 116% increase in memberships and a 44% increase in membership revenue.

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Google is allowing timestamps on videos both helping users move to key sections but also to improve video rank. More on this.

Core Update

Google had a core update roll-out June 12th.  Here’s what you need to know. Another took place July 1 – 12th.

Google AI

Google KELM launched in May. This is Google’s AI to reduce bias and toxic content and increase factual accuracy.

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