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Get ready for a cookie-less future. We offer a CDP solution to solve iOS14 related reporting issues. When third-party cookies go away, this CDP will help companies continue marketing efforts with ease. Clients looking to shore up their reporting and targeting capabilities and future-proof them for success, can opt into our Customer Data Platform service.

Who would benefit:

  • Any company experiencing signal loss as a result of iOS14
  • Any company with a multi-step customer journey using remarketing, email marketing
  • Any company using multiple digital marketing platforms and tools that generate and utilize data, like social media, search, programmatic, and media buying
  • Any company using digital platforms to generate conversions on a site, like eCommerce, lead form fills, etc.
Tiktok Advertising

Tik Tok Advertising

TikTok’s active monthly users have surpassed Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Snapchat, Companies now recognize TikTok is a great place to find engaged customers. Our team is starting to launch campaigns using the wide range of ad products available on the platform and are eager to help clients expand their paid ad campaigns to include TikToK. From brand awareness and traffic to lead generation and revenue, TikTok has the potential to serve a variety of marketing objectives. 

Who would benefit

  • Any company looking to expand their brand awareness tactics
  • Any company looking to diversify their dollars away from Facebook
  • Any company looking to find new customers
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Location Based Marketing

Our team is getting great results leveraging location based marketing tools to hyperfocus marketing messages to customers. Leveraging geofencing capabilities is the easiest way to meet your customers at the exact point that they are. Ask us to learn more.

Who would benefit

  • Any company to do hyper-focused ad or lead generation targeting
  • Any company looking to create a personalized customer experience


Image Extensions Wins

This last quarter, we launched Image Extensions as part of our paid advertising campaigns for clients. Image extensions pair rich, relevant visuals (thank you design team!) to existing text ads. We’ve seen this feature drive performance and enhance engagement for several brands. Check out these early results!

Park City Lodging
Pacific Yurts


Google Performance Max

  • Our team is rolling out Google Performance Max campaigns for select clients as part of Google’s beta program. Announced in May 2021, Performance Max is an automated goal-based campaign type that uses machine learning to serve audiences a relevant ad with an optimal bid to maximize campaign performance. These campaigns can run across all of Google’s available inventory (Search, Display, Youtube, Discovery, Gmail) and will rely heavily on machine learning, audience targeting, and asset types to deliver your ads to the most relevant, and most likely to convert audience.
  • A key benefit of all this? The ability to show both text and creative assets across all of Google’s inventory with one campaign type as opposed to one campaign for each placement! More from SearchEngineJournal.
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MUM Machine Learning Technology

Google is hoping for a richer and fuller search experience by announcing the roll-out of their MUM machine learning technology. Check out what Google says about the next phase in search

Special Characters

Special characters create a unique challenge to the accessibility of a website. Brands that are mindful of how they use unicode symbols, punctuation and emoticons on their site are going to be the most accessible and inclusive of all customer types. Learn more.

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