iOS14 is a loud and clear signal to the industry. Third-party data attribution is changing and the sooner you plan for this evolution, the sooner you prevent disruption and revenue loss.  Just as privacy policies like GDPR and CCPA continue to evolve, the world of browser cookies is about to crumble as well.

Currently, FireFox and Safari are cookie-less, representing about 21% of total browser traffic. When Google Chrome makes the transition away from 3rd party cookies (estimated for 2022), this will impact 86% of browser traffic. That is a huge loss of the third-party data that companies are using to make informed business decisions. Most companies will see a big impact on their advertising revenue and their ability to effectively position and target their offers unless they plan now. 

Impact of iOS14 on Revenue Graphic

CDPs help evolve your marketing for this next phase and add some new potential benefits for the future.

What are CDPs

Customer Data Platforms, or CDPs, are centralized customer databases that consolidate customer data from multiple sources without the need for cookies. These platforms essentially consolidate your first-party and available third-party user data in a way that helps you make more informed and thoughtful decisions for your marketing campaigns. The CDP further helps you push those campaigns out to the right channels and tools.

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How A CDP Solves the iOS14 & Cookie Problem

The rollout of iOS14 is the dress rehearsal for what a cookie-less future will bring. Companies are having a harder and harder time connecting the dots in their advertising reporting. They are also losing the ability to skillfully showcase their services and products to the right people. A CDP helps solve these challenges by building owned infrastructures for collecting, managing, and acting on customer data–all while adhering to privacy laws. 

2 column chart highlighting the challenges ios14 and how cdps solve them

Who Will Need a CDP?

The short answer is every business will move to some form of a CDP or CDP-like solution in the next two years. How quickly you move to this solution depends on your need to effectively manage your marketing budgets, your campaign targets, and channels during these changes. At a high level, you should consider a CDP solution if:

  • You are experiencing signal loss as a result of iOS14, resulting in less data, smaller audience sizes and/or difficulty with attribution
  • You are utilizing digital media to support multi-step customer journeys like remarketing, email marketing
  • You are leveraging multiple digital marketing platforms and tools that generate and utilize data, like social media, search, programmatic, and media buying
  • You leverage digital marketing platforms to generate conversions on your website, like eCommerce, lead form fills, etc.

Getting Started with a CDP

Marketing teams should be evaluating how they plan to track, measure, and report on advertising performance as the web moves away from cookies. CDPs are a solution that not only solves a lot of these issues but also takes reporting and ad performance to the next level. The cost to implement a CDP can be a barrier for a lot of small and mid-size businesses. The cost not to maybe even more expensive.  

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