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The value of any online marketing agency has to be backed up by the data. Whether that data is sales revenue, traffic, engagement, or social signals all of those things have to be monitored, measured and ultimately reported to you so that you and your client manager can make informed decisions. Mad Fish considered measuring and reporting to be the key to differentiating ourselves from other agencies. In addition to leveraging tools like Google Analytics and aHrefs to glean valuable information on traffic and campaigns, we have also developed our own reporting software, Mad Fish Elements™,  to help us better manage and measure our client’s success. We provide reporting and metric measurement through Mad Fish Elements™ for any goal established for a campaign. Some of these include:
  • Phone Call Tracking: Track the incoming phone calls for any marketing tactic and measure the effectiveness.
  • Review Tracking: Monitor your company’s online reviews on all your various profiles in one place.
  • Website Change Tracking: Monitor the changes being made to your website to ensure quality and security of the site.
  • PPC Campaign Reporting: See how your paid search campaign is going by day, week and month

iPad Access

Mad Fish’s reporting features are available online and through our iPad app. Get your web stats quickly and easily on your tablet anytime.