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Identifying the proper keywords is imperative for the success of any online marketing campaign.  Understanding not only the search demand, but also the competitiveness of a keyword phrase is important in gauging not only equitable success, but also required efforts. Has your business had keyword research conducted in the past?  It’s nothing like ours. Most agencies will pull together a keyword list ranging in size from one to 1000 keywords, from one of the top three keyword research services. This data will be regurgitated in a basic spreadsheet that shows you a list of keywords and the number of estimated searches conducted during some time frame (typically a month). At Mad Fish, this drives us nuts. We find these lists, confusing, daunting, and not truly helpful in achieving true results in any campaign. With Google and other search engines returning custom results based on a visitors location, intent, and knowledge graph understanding, it is more important than ever to look at not only the keyword query, but the type of search results returned as well.

We look at keywords queries on an individual basis.

Our belief is that if keyword research takes longer than 30 seconds to understand, it’s not helpful to your efforts.  We believe that true keyword analysis should detail the type of search result returned, the websites that currently appear, and a thorough analysis of both the on- and off-page factors for each of those ranking sites.  From this, we evaluate where we feel a client can realistically expect to be ranking and the number of estimated visits they may get.