Why We Do It

Identifying the proper keywords is imperative for the success of any online marketing campaign. Understanding not only the search demand, but also the competitiveness of a keyword phrase is important in gauging not only equitable success, but also required efforts.

How We Do It

Has your business had keyword research conducted in the past? It’s nothing like ours. With Google and other search engines returning custom results based on a visitor’s location, intent, and knowledge graph understanding, it is more important than ever to look at not only the keyword query, but the type of search results returned as well. We’re thinking about everything from Quick Answers to research on user search intent when we curate and analyze relevant keywords for your business, not just banking on unreliable search volume numbers.

How We Use It

Understanding the keywords users use to get to a website, as well as develop digital marketing strategies is imperative. With the information we get from our research, we’re able to develop digital strategies based in paid search, content, SEO, and more. Throughout the year, the keyword research informs the production of new content, web pages, and paid search campaigns. We also measure monthly to report on the traction and results your site is getting from our efforts.

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