Three college students sitting outside on a college campus talking and taking ntoes.

Students are looking for so much more than convenience and clout as they research colleges and universities. This generation has changing needs and expectations. Universities that understand and address student needs now are going to continue to create a thriving institution for years to come.

Higher education digital marketing relies on adapting to this changing set of students. Modifying paid advertising messaging, sharing messaging around diversity and sustainability initiatives, and continuing to innovate online platforms are keys to recruiting and overall marketing success.

Resources For Success

Higher education marketing teams know that showcasing the college experience, whether its in person or virtually, is a recruiting challenge. Digital marketing strategies that tie all their tactics together are how colleges develop brand awareness and grow student enrollment. Read on for higher education marketing tips, from paid advertising and content strategy to social engagement and user experience.

The #1 reason Americans value higher education is to get a good or better job.

Achievements in Higher Education Marketing Strategy

Palmer College of Chiropractic: 88% increase in student leads

Hoffman Academy: 811% Return on Ad Spend

Recruitment: Over 100 Non-B Corp Attendees Added to the Event

2021 has proven to be a challenging year for higher education institutions. Universities are adapting to the changing needs of prospective new students as quickly as possible. Where should higher education admissions and marketing teams put their focus in the coming years while all these changes occur? 

Our assessment, The Future of Higher Education Marketing, shines a light on where colleges need to focus their marketing strategies for the coming years. Students are craving more online learning, expect even easier mobile access, and look at the diversity and sustainability at a college more than ever. The messaging, materials, and communication channels for student recruitment all need to be reevaluated with this in mind.

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