2020 has been a year of surprises, increased digital engagement and a whole lot of staying home. To that end, we wrote a lot of blog posts this year. We want to share just a few of our favorites, from marketing tactics from well known brands to culture pieces that reflect who we are. Here’s to getting through a challenging year–and hopeful moving forward into a better one.

Outdoor Brands Doing Digital Marketing Right

With a team that loves to hike, camp, and spend time outdoors on the weekends, we wanted to write about the brands that help us make that experience great. Our piece highlighting values-aligned outdoor brands doing digital right was a hit. Read it here

DTC Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Woman texting outsideThis blog digs into how direct to consumer (DTC) brands execute digital marketing strategies that work. While not all ecommerce brands are ready to go strictly DTC, these clever tactics are something every brand should consider. Read more here.

Covid-19 and Digital Marketing

Finally, you knew a piece like this had to make the list. A few months into the pandemic, we started pulling together data on how folks behavior was changing. In addition, we identified purchase behavior changes and identified audience needs. All of that is broken down in this blog

If you’re curious about how the pandemic has impacted your target audience, reach out. We build custom audiences with targeted market research to answer your questions. 

Outdoor Marketing Trends

Person climbing rocks on a beachWondering what’s happening in the outdoor marketing space? We broke down the trends we’re seeing to help outdoor brands plan for the future. Urban outdoor enthusiasts, increasing inclusion, and sustainable practices are just a few of the things we dive into. Check it out.

Cultivating a Beginner Mindset

It can be hard to be a beginner. However, there are huge advantages to approaching challenges and situations with a beginner mindset. In this piece Cierra Cegielski details how she’s learned to embrace this philosophy with actionable questions and tactics you can use. We’re all beginners in new situations–this one would be a perfect way to get geared up for 2021. Give it a read here

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