Our team loves our industry and spends a fair amount of time keeping up on the latest digital marketing news, ideas and changes happening on the web. Below are 10 of our favorite sites and resources for curating new SEO, SEM, Design and Content marketing ideas.

  1. Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog – Neil Patel’s blog breaks down complex SEO, traffic issues in a simple, step by step format
  2. Ahrefs Blog – This tried and true SEO tool offers a great read for SEO best practices and data analysis.
  3. Think with Google – Think With Google offers insights on marketing/user trends and how they’re affected by current events
  4. Search Engine Land – This site covers all news and changes related to all things digital marketing – SEO, SEM, Social, Local, etc.
  5. Search Engine Watch. A great way to be updated on what’s going on in the search engine world.
  6. PPC Hero: A great resource for exploring PPC audiences for all different industries.
  7. Moz. This site has been a leader in innovative and thoughtful insights on SEO for years.
  8. Webdesigner Depot – A great resource for web designers with tutorials, tools and tips.
  9. Nielsen Norman Group – User experience research and insights we love to keep up on.
  10. Simo Ahava’s Blog: Google Developer expert gives great insight into using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Honorable mentions:

  • HubSpot. Fantastic blog; full of practical advice.
  • Measure.Chat: Thought leadership on web analytics via Slack
  • ProBlogger. If you’re a professional blogger, subscribing to this one is a must.