Start off your week strong with our curated list of tips and inspiration around every aspect of the digital marketing world. This is the Mad Fish Catch of the Week.


Whether you’re building a website or executing a content strategy, too often SEO is forgotten until the end or pushed aside as an additional optimization to do later. When you’re building a complete marketing campaign, however, your company is best served when the strategy is holistic and incorporates SEO with content planning can help you amplify your results and see great returns. Get more information here.


This week, Google joined Facebook with auto play video, effectively giving your company and brand opportunities to reach users when they’re searching for related products with relevant video content that auto plays on the search page. Right now, the sound does not auto start and there are not pre-roll ads – yet. Right now, this may only impact television shows and movies, but fingers crossed it expands to cover more industries in more dynamic ways. Learn more here.


What’s the key to delivering great CTRs and ROI on mobile ads? It might be as simple as thinking hard about immersive ads, chat bots, and other ways of creating UI friendly marketing experiences that will resonate with their users. Being able to merge offline experiences is a great start with payment methods and notifications. In addition, understanding video length (shorter is better), personalized chat bots, and using the IoT to help remove obstructions for purchases (such as voice purchases) can greatly improve conversions. Get more tips here.

Social Media

Is there anything Amazon won’t try? Short answer: no. While the e-commerce giant may be better known for selling you everything under the sun, with their launch of social media platform Spark we may be looking at a new kid on the social media block. They describe the platform as a place to discover things from people who share your interests… Can you say Pinterest? Brands and influencers will be posting and there will be a direct link to purchase. We’re stoked to see how this turns out. Learn more here.

Content Marketing

When you’re focusing your efforts on building an audience for your content marketing strategy, it’s imperative to consider the three main avenues to building a community that relishes your content and brand. By examining your audience, the cadence with which you publish, and the promotion of the content itself you can begin to pinpoint the necessary steps for seeing success. Our two cents? Start by experimenting with topics, writers, and promotion platforms, then zero in on what’s working and measure your results. These data points will help you know where to go next and improve your understanding of your audience. Dig into more details here.


Working hard and finishing early is a big part of how I approach my career. I’m hyper focused in the morning, and use it to my advantage so I rarely clock in over 7 hours, however, at some companies that value time spent over results it can be difficult to succeed. If you find it hard to tear yourself away even if you’ve finished your work, examine the reasons behind your grip on your desk. How can you finish your work in a reasonable amount of time and still have a chance to live your life? What’s standing between you and your ideal schedule? Once you have that in mind, work towards it. Our choice quote from this piece? “Today’s tech world is inextricably linked to the Protestant-ethic-on-steroids ethos.”