For ski resorts to flourish they need a few things: great slopes and great social media feeds. Just kidding–there’s a lot more to it than that. In this piece we’ll be exploring how winter resorts are adapting to consumer needs, building digital campaigns that work, and leveraging their businesses for good. 

Taos Ski Valley

First of all, Taos Ski Valley is a B Corp certified winter resort! As a certified B Corp ourselves, we’re impressed at the amount of work Taos Ski Valley has put in to make their establishment both a world-class destination for outdoor recreation as well as one that’s doing good for their people and the planet. Taos Ski Valley maintains a commitment to the indigenous community in Northern New Mexico, as well as dedication to a sustainable economic future for the region. Their commitment to stewarding the environment also impressed us, with their Taos Verde initiative. Their clear CTAs and hashtag (#skithechange) on Instagram impressed us all around with their marketing and focus on engaging the right customers. 


Vail is, of course, an icon in the ski and snowboarding resort business. In fact, many don’t know that they are behind more than just their iconic flagship winter resort. Their mountain resorts span the hemispheres, with locations across the United States, Canada, and even Australia. We’re impressed with the personalization they’ve created around their experiences. They know that folks looking to ski at Heavenly might not be the same folks heading to Stowe. With a robust YouTube presence highlighting the resorts and a wanderlust-inducing Instagram account, we were thrilled to see how they’re connecting with their customers. Finally, we’re impressed with their statement reinforcing their investment in their stakeholders: from guests to employees to investors. Way to go, Vail.

Mt. Bachelor 

You know we had to throw in a few closer to home. Firstly, the year round activities from Mt. Bachelor–from a 1,400 foot zipline to their 4,300 acres of lift-accessible terrain offer fun for everyone. Their mountain resort is an iconic destination in Oregon. Secondly, the amazing visuals and video content they provide across social media and their website gives potential visitors a clear picture of what it will be like to visit. In addition, they’re doing good for the community. They participated in Goggles for Docs program during the start of the coronavirus epidemic. Their participation in the Play it Forward initiative encapsulates their community mindset, which seeks to support organizations providing direct community assistance. Plus, they understand that sometimes, you just need to see a dog in the snow on Instagram. Thanks for the pick me up y’all.


Who could forget the iconic one-star review ad for Snowbird? Our friends over at Struck really killed it. But, that’s just the beginning of some great work by Snowbird to reach the right audience. They’ve cultivated a dedicated customer base looking for the toughest, best routes. Whether it’s the buy a pass, plant a tree program, or their newly acquired beehive. They even earned the honor of being one of Outside’s top ten eco-friendly ski resorts. Way to go, y’all!

Diamond Peak

Did someone say Stoke certification? Diamond Peak’s dedication to building an engaged community of eco-conscious consumers is impressive. Their goal? Run entirely on renewable energy. In addition, they’re also instituting electric vehicle charging stations, water bottle filling stations, and even coloring books with native animals and plants. Their social media helps highlight their ski resort, while sharing about ski safety–an important part of snow sports. Learn about their Stoke certification through Instagram highlights, as well as their almost unbearably cute series, Fred Patrol, where their resort pup is seen around the mountain, hanging with guests and keeping an eye on things. 

Did we miss your favorite winter resort? Contact us to let us know! As climate change progresses, seeing businesses like these mountain resorts addressing things head on gives us hope. Without urgent action, skiing and snowboarding could become impossible without supplemental snow. These businesses are addressing the problem, all while providing great advertising that connects their customers to the challenges at hand.